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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Isqueen BB Blemish Balm High Definition set Bright Natural & White Lucent SPF 18

*drumroll* My first review for a Chinese brand! Now, don´t stop reading, this is quite a known and reputable brand available in many places throughout Asia and very worth being tried and reviewed. (Just saying this because many people seem to think that Chinese beauty brands aren´t good...)

Anyways, you can imagine that I couldn´t resist the cute travel-sized set of their new BB Blemish Balm High Definition Cream which seems to be the star product of Isqueen right now.
I found this set on Sasa for US$7.70 but right now they have a promotion going on so it retails for US$3.80 which seems quite worthwhile for 16g of BB Cream (as you get 2 8g-tubes in both available shades).

The tubes are a bit weird as they have a slanted applicator like lipgloss and the BB Cream has the tendency to just ooze out in the beginning so be careful when you first open the tubes.

The BB Cream has a floral scent going on...nothing too bothersome but not overly pleasant either so I´d say if you are sensitive to scents you might dislike this.

Texture-wise the Blemish Balm High Definition Cream has a rather lightweight and slightly liquid feel. It´s very sheer but evens out my skin slightly..I think it makes a great makeup base but might be too sheer for most to wear on its own.
This has an SPF of 18 but I see no PA listed so it will probably not protect you from UVA rays.

What I really like about this BB Cream is that it makes my skin very soft and smooth and doesn´t irritate it at all. I think this does have decent oil control as it doesn´t feel heavy or greasy at all but it doesn´t dry my skin out at all.
Strangely this looks almost shimmery on the swatch but it gives more of a silky matte finish.

There are 2 shades and you get to try both in this set:
-Bright Natural -White Lucent
-Bright Natural:
This is the darker shade and it´s still light-toned and suitable for my skin-tone.

-White Lucent:
This is a very pale ivory shade which looks almost white when applied. As a matter of fact this even almost too light for my skin and I am really really fair.

Overall this is a decent product and the White Lucent shade might be great for someone very fair who´s searching for a little coverage.
There are better BB Creams out there but this is definitely worth trying!


evie said...

oh i have seen this brand in a couple of magazines! but have not tried them before as is not sold in spore i think..thank you for the review!!heading to sasa to have a look ^^

Mischievous Mack said...

No one ever seems interested in Chinese brands... I wonder if they are good? Japanese brands are amazing, Korean brands are colorful. Hmmm. Thanks for the review!

Lina said...

I always love to read you blog,Kathi:) But chinese brand..err..I don't think I want to buy any of it.Except taiwanese brand,because I "believe" in taiwanese brand more(in terms of safety product).
Nice review anyway..Love your blog lots:)

Kathi said...

This is actually the first Chinese brand I tried and I am honestly also careful with what I buy.

Like you, I trust Taiwanese brands in terms of quality control etc.
I think Isqueen is quite reputable though so I ordered more stuff to try =)

Lina said...

Yes,I believe that you're careful with what you'll buy(I follow your blog and even put it on my blog list^^).Everytime I want to buy any bb cream,I'll come to your blog first as a good reccomendation for me(I have the same,dry sensitive skin).Maybe we all should give chinese brands chance to prove their quality.. :)

Btw,you should try ageslick collagen bb from nature republic bb cream,Kathi.It's good for dry skin like ours..

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