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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fueki Lip Creams in Original & Moisture Type & UV Care

I like the skincare range from Fueki since they are very cute things and good quality, too.
The newest addition to the range are 3 lipbalms and of course I picked up all 3 pieces =P It also helped that each Lip Cream comes with a cute little pouch to attach the balm to your bag, keys or wherever you want.
I got these balms from eBay (Alphabeautyuk) and according to the seller the balms are made of at least 94% natural ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter etc. These are free of fragrance, colorings and preservatives.

The Original, Moisture Type and UV Care balms have a distinctive smell, very much like honey/beeswax to me. So even if there is no fragrance added the formula itself has its scent. It´s not a bothersome scent but I personally am getting a little tired of it now.

What I really like about these balms is the super creamy and nourishing formula all 3 share alike. These are really moisturizing and keep my lips very soft and smooth in the chilly winter weather. Actually these are some of the best lip care items I have purchased recently.
The lipbalms give a satin finish and make a good lipstick base. 
I don´t notice much difference among the formulas to be honest, maybe only that the Moisture Type is a bit slicker.

Each tube contains 5g which is quite generous for a lipbalm.
All Lip Creams come in a yellow/red swivel-up tube but the color of Fueki´s logo, clothes and little lipbalm pouch are different.

Original - pink, Moisture Type - red, UV Care - blue.

Regarding the UV Care I cannot tell you how much sun protection it offers as there seems to be no SPF or PA stated, sorry!

I find the pouch to be extremely convenient, I attached it to one of the straps of my current purse so I have the lipbalm in close reach all the time. 
Rating 4.5/5


Fifi said...

Oh wow...that sounds amazing =D I may have to invest=P xx

galpal.hi said...

These are cute and it's great that they work well.


~Lisa said...

How adorable! I love that it comes with a pouch! I hate how when I just throw in my lipbalm in my bag, something turns the thing on the bottom and the lip balm gets all over the cap ....

NANCY said...

I have tried them all - every type and every brand so I know eye creams. I have found this one very good and purchased a second tube which I usually never do so it must be good. The skin round my eyes is fairly dry but I do not have dark circles so can not comment on that. The skin stays feeling moist all day after using this.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Is it bad that I'd totally buy these just for the cute packaging? ;D

Whitney & the full effect said...

Hi Kathi! I have two blogger awards for you:
If you don't like doing the blog awards, I understand.
You are in my top 7 favorite bloggers and I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes into the world of asian cosmetics. I have been a LONG time follower of yours and I read everything you post through my emails :)
Great blog, and I am so happy to have found it!

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