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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love Clover Lip Dolcecafe 5261 & 5262

My last foray into Love Clover was a disaster (PopChu Gloss...yuck!)! Admittedly Love Clover has really nice blushes but away from them I haven't much ventured into this brand. I just remember that I didn't like the eyeshadows when I tried them on my trip to Tokyo a few years back.

Love Clover items come in really cute packaging so I was instantly drawn to their cute new lipglosses (or liquid lipsticks or whatever you wanna call them).. they look like Maquillage's Neo Climax Lip and Visee's Nudy Rouge as the tip is a lipstick-shaped plastic with small holes to dispense the rouge color.

The tubes are made of brown glittery plastic with the "Lip Dolcecafe" logo printed on. The caps are pale pink.

I was afraid that these lippies would be coffee-flavored. Thankfully they're not, they're unscented and don't taste like anything.

The texture is rather creamy and not sticky or gooey at all. The coverage is sheer but still the color payoff is good.
The only little complaint I'd have is that the colors sometimes go on a bit unevenly. So a lip base is a must in my opinion.

The Lip Dolcecafe glosses (or I should rather call them lip creams) are very comfortable to wear and have decent lasting-power (about 2 hours or so on me).

I really like the 2 I have because the texture is great and I love the colors (I seem to always stick with the same colors...I am really a sucker for pink beiges, roses, soft pinks and nudes).

5261 Raspberry Sorbet: On the swatch online it looks like a deep berry rose. However it turns out to be a pretty soft pink.

5252 Peach Bonbon: Light pinky peach nude shade. Looks very pretty and natural but not too light (aka corpse-like).

Retail in Japan is 1680 Yen (about US$17). I got mine from Ichibankao.
There are 3 more colors (an orangey peach, beige brown and reddish brown).

Monday, April 27, 2009

L@@K what came in the mail today.......

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 2 new cute brush rolls from my dear friend Yumeko who sold those cuties in her blog about a week ago!

Yumeko was fast in sending and the Japanese and Austrian post were quick in processing so I could already hug my new lovelies today =D

The brush rolls are REALLY REALLY pretty and very well made! I am so impressed!

Both rolls hold my face and eyeshadow brushes easily so the mess of having various ugly brush rolls and pouches for my brushes are over! Now I have a cute Hello Kitty (for my face brushes) and Rilakkuma (for eyeshadow & brows) brush roll to do the job!

Everything was packed well and I also got samples and a package of yummy Japanese snacks (oops, they're gone already!) =D

Thanks dear for the cute brush rolls! They're really precious to me!

Here is Hello Kitty (Kitty has been a love of mine since I was a little girl!):

Here is Rilakkuma (soooooooooooo darn cute!):

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer 2009: Majolica Majorca Innocent Pleasure

After posting a teaser of the new Majolica Majorca collection I got a lot of response. Seems all you ladies are eagerly awaiting my review/thoughts/swatches!

So despite not having actually worn all palettes yet I decided to review the collection to help you decide if it's worth picking up some goodies or not. I will update with new EOTD pics daily (or every other day, depending if I wear makeup daily..I sometimes take a day off).

I'll start with the Majoerotica glitter perfume and then proceed with the Jeweling Eyes palettes.

-Majoerotica Glitter Perfume:

The Majoerotica perfume comes in a small plastic jar with a tree printed on (with a snake swaddled around it). This fits with the Adam & Eve theme, as well as the strong apple scent of this.

Now describing a perfume is always hard especially for a non-perfume wearer like me. I only rarely wear it as I am so sensitive to smells that I will end up with painful headaches if I sniff the wrong stuff. So in general the only fragrances I can wear are light, fresh, crisp smells (with citrus notes etc.).

To me this smells like apple gummy bears. It's a sweet scent that's neither sexy (why is it called Majoerotica??) nor very elegant. It's a cheap scent that young teenage girls can pull off but not me (at age 28!)

5g cost 945 Yen (about US$10)

-Jeweling Line (nail art polish) GR444:

This is a nail polish with a fine brush used for nail art (stripes etc...for other things the brush isn't really fine enough). I hoped this would be an opaque bright apple green but it's a super sheer glitter polish. I don't like it. Period!
Costs 380 Yen for the small 3ml bottle.

-Jeweling Eyes:
I think this is the review you're waiting on. The Majoerotica and nail colors are after all not as interesting as the whopping 8 new eyeshadow palettes!

I collected nearly all MM palettes (but removed several from my stash as the colors just didn't work for me at all).

The first eyeshadow palettes were the Majewel palettes in Spring 2006, followed with the original Majolooks in Summer (and Illuminators for Xmas).

In Spring 2007 MM released their Majolook Line Impact series (the least impressive line) with 2 new colors released for Xmas 2007.

2008 saw the pretty new Majolook Trick on Eyes, with 2 new colors released for Fall 2008 (so far my favorite MM palette range).
For Xmas they came up with 2 new Majolook Illuminator palettes and now we see a brand new range called Jeweling Eyes.

The Jeweling Eyes come in the cutest compacts. They are a bit more princessy and elaborate than the previous compacts.
Each palette comes with 4 powder shadows like the Trick On Eyes while the older Majolooks contained a crappy white cream base and the Line Impact palettes had a really bad cream liner).

The texture is quite silky and fine. The biggest shadow (top left corner) has a little glitter and is sheerer than the other colors. The pigment in general is about sheer-medium, the liner shades have the highest amount of color density (about medium and buildable).

The shadow finish depends on the colors. The darkest shades are generally matte-slightly shimmery while the 2 colors are pearl-metallic and the lightest shade is sheer with fine glitters.

I honestly expected a bit more breath-taking shimmer and pigment from the quads. They're supposed to give jewel-like shimmer to your lids but all in all the result is more muted and subtle due to the sheerness and rather pearly than shimmery finish.
Please note: The colors look more shimmery in the swatches on my arm than in real life. That's due to the flash I used.

I really like the palettes though! They're sheer but offer a refined and pretty look and the shadows blend very well!
I can build color without wiping off what I already applied (as the texture is not overly powdery) so it's nice to be able to control the color depth.

I picked up all 8 colors as they all looked very pretty and wearable and I am a die-hard fan of Majolica Majorca ever since I started with Japanese brands over 4 years ago.
I don't often pick up the complete line of an eyeshadow series as there are always colors among them that I won't use but I couldn't help but picking up all Jeweling Eyes!

Now on to the colors:


Even though this looked quite warm at first this turned out to be one of the most attractive Jeweling Eyes palettes. This is a very feminine quad for a subtly defined eye look.

The colors are a pale ivory (with fine glitters), pale flesh color (pearl), rosey apricot (iridescent pearl) and deep warm brown (matte with some scattered shimmer bits).


This is the brightest palette (and possible my least fave).

The colors are pale pink (with fine glitters), warm orangey pink (pearl), strawberry pink (pearl) and deep reddish brown (pearl).


The softer pink palette is really pretty and feminine. It's not loud and very wearable.

The colors are off-white (with fine glitters), pale pink (pearl), medium muted pink (pearl) and dark cool brown (matte with some scattered shimmer bits).


This is another fave palette of mine. It's a pretty purple quad that's very flattering.

The colors are off-white (with fine glitters), pale lavender (satin), deeper lilac (pearl) and deep grayed purple (matte with some scattered shimmer bits).


I think I normally wouldn't choose a palette like this (warm bronze gold!) but I still purchased it and it's pretty and neutral enough to wear it without a problem!

This is a more pigmented palette. The colors are:
Ivory (with fine glitters), light yellow (pearl), bronze gold (metallic) and deep neutral brown (pearl).


This is my 3rd fave palette. I just love those fresh grayish greens. I can't wear warm golden or grassy greens so this muted sage-green quad is a welcome addition to my eyeshadow selection =)

The colors are: White (with fine glitters), pale mint green (satin), light sage green (pearl) and deep sage green (satin).

PS If you like those greens but want more pigment, a vibrant and shimmery finish then I highly recommend Kate's Deep Trap Eyes GN-1.


This is another interesting palette. One of the colors is quite bright whereas the rest is more muted.

The colors are:
Silver white (with fine glitters), pale baby blue (satin), bright violet blue (satin), deep grayed navy blue (matte
with some scattered shimmer bits).


This is the most metallic palette in the lot. Silver/pink combos always work for me so this palette is definitely a pretty staple. It's not unique but it's cute and the colors are flattering.

The colors are: White (pearl with fine glitters), baby pink (pearl), light silver (metallic) and deep silver gray (metallic).

All in all I admittedly am very pleased with the new palettes and would approve them for purchase. You have 8 colors to choose from so I am sure everyone will find a palette suitable for her.

The palettes retail for 1575 Yen in Japan.
I purchased everything from Ichibankao.

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