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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lotree SPF21 BB Primer Tinted Control Base & Shimmer Bling Face

I won't go into details of the Lotree BB Cream. I reviewed it here already and here you can see a swatch.
I just wanted to show off how pretty the full-size tube looks =P
And it came with a highlighting powder called Shimmer Bling Face in a kit for 29000 Won.

I admit that I didn't need the full-sized BB Cream now. I still have plenty of my deluxe 16ml size left =) But it has become one of my fave BB Creams and I wanted to have that darn Shimmer Bling Face thingy hehe =) (It comes free with some of the other Lotree items, too, but I thought having the full-sized 50ml tube wouldn't hurt really).

The Shimmer Bling Face turned out to be a baked highlighting powder. I am delighted! In the pics it looked like a regular pressed highlighter but it's baked =D It's quite pigmented and silky for a baked powder product and leaves a beautiful soft glow on my face.
It's even lovely to look at it with its pink and green flecks of color =D

I haven't seen this listed alone so I believe it only comes packed with other items (like their face powders or pore filling base).
It's smaller than most other baked compacts (they have the tendency to be bulky) and comes in a quite heavy shiny metallic purple case.

I purchased this from the Lotree seller listed in the Gmarket Sellers list.

PS Tomorrow is my exam so I should be back blogging more (I have lots of new stuff to write about)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Banila Co The Secret Liquid Foundation SPF30 PA++ & The Secret Baking Pact

I recently ordered the new Banila Co The Secret No.V Foundation from my usual crack dealer (erm Korean makeup seller) on whom I rely for getting stuff I can't find on Gmarket (thanks to a reader I have now a Gmarket seller selling Banila Co on my list...check my Gmarket sellers post!)...
Anyways, the lovely lady picked up the wrong foundation (I don't blame her, she usually gets lists from me that are longer than what's healthy hehe).
She picked up The Secret Liquid Foundation SPF30 PA++ for me.

-The Secret Liquid Foundation SPF30 PA++:

The foundation comes in a heavy 30ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser. Hygienic and easy to use and I personally prefer pump-bottles for anything liquid.
The formula of this is quite runny, thin and lightweight. The coverage is very sheer and not really buildable. If you prefer more coverage (like I do) then this is not the perfect product for you.
The foundation gives me nice soft skin and an orange face. Yes, orange. My main problem with this is actually the color. I got 01 Light Beige and while it's a pale enough color it has very strong peachy undertones that just don't work for me. They grayish pinkish tone of most BB Creams works far better for me. The finish of the foundation is lightly shimmery.

So the foundation gets a nay from me =( I think it costs somewhere around 12000 Won or so (I paid a bit more).
The foundation has a light scent like all the other Banila Co stuff.

-The Mineral Surprise Baking Pact:

I actually got this about 2 months or so ago but haven't reviewed it yet.
This is a baked powder that comes in a smooth shiny silver compact (fingerprint galore!). It's hard and finely milled (like many of those baked powders) and offers sheer-medium coverage.

It's pale enough and quite neutral-toned so it works for me. However it does oxidize a bit after some time turning it slightly orangey (but not terrible so).
There is only one color that supposedly should work for all. I think it will only work for any light-medium skin-tones though.
The powder carries the typical Banila Co fragrance.

It's definitely not my favorite powder but it's good enough to keep it and use it from time to time.
RRP is 12000 Won. The compact comes with a puff, too.

While Banila Co is really one of my favorite brands the powder and foundation are a disappointment. The Secret No. V foundation is on the way to me finally so I hope it will be nicer.

VOV Color Song Volume Blusher

While I am not so much a fan of VOV's Color Song range the Volume Blusher really looked tempting.

It's a marbled blusher and I am a sucker for any kind of marbled makeup products.
It comes in a quite sturdy heavy black plastic compact with a mirror. The one I ordered also came with a free brush which seems to be good enough but I prefer to use my own brush.

The Volume Blusher has a silky super shimmery finish that turns almost frosty on me. I personally think it's a bit too shimmery for a blush but lightly swiping my fingers over my cheeks takes care of most of the frostiness and just leaves behind a glowy finish for most part. However steer clear of this if you prefer matte or only lightly shimmery blushes as you might find this over the top.

The one I got is #3 Pink Red Mixing which contains various gradations of pink. The pigment is quite good and gives a nice rosy flush (with lots of frostiness as described above.

The Volume Blusher line-up contains 3 "Mixing Type" colors (the marbled ones), 2 blushes consisting of 5 color strips and 2 duos. The other ones might be less shimmery than this.

I paid somewhere below US$9 for this so it was a good deal.

Not the most fantastic blusher but a nice little addition to my ever growing blush stash.

Etude House Dear Darling (Orgel Light) lipsticks & Glosses

The review for my Etude House Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips Lipsticks and glosses is about 3 months overdue =O I received them back in mid June and somehow these slipped from my "to review" list until now.

I already reviewed 2 Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips from the Etude House Peach collection but the line is more extensive and includes a total of 14 lipsticks. 10 are from the Orgel Light collection and 4 from the Peach Collection.

-Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips (Orgel Light):

The lipsticks come in cute pink plastic tubes that look pretty but a bit cheap, too. They're fragranced (some sort of fruity berry bubblegum-y scent perhaps?) and flavored (sweet) but in a pleasant way.
The texture is smooth but not super moisturizing and the glitter feels a bit scratchy. The pigment is sheer-medium and these work best layered over a lip balm or base.
All in all the quality is rather mediocre and the color choice doesn't 100% appeal to me (Japanese brands still do the best most wearable lip colors!)

I chose 3 colors:

#01: A bright bubblegum pink with shimmer. This color is a bit too warm for my taste.
#09: Nude beige without shimmer. This one is quite pretty
#10: This color is one of those colors that look scary in the tube and very pretty on the lips. This is a sheer wine red with shimmer. This looks best applied in a light layer over a lip balm for that berry-stained look.
Retail 8000 Won/each (about US$7 at current exchange rate)

-Dear Darling Gloss:

The glosses come in pretty tubes with doe-foot applicators. The texture is not sticky but rather slick and comfortable to wear. They have the same scent like the Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips but don't have the same sweet taste.
The wearability of these is average like most light glosses. The glitter in the colors I picked is a bit scratchy (but not as much as in the lipsticks).
The 2 colors I have are sheer, one color more than the other.
#12: Light pink with shimmer. Applies completely clear on my lips
#14: Medium berry pink. This has some pigment to give me pretty pink lips.

All in all these aren't outstanding either. But they're super cheap (only 5000 Won) so if you see a color you like (15 to choose from) they're worth picking up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cathy Cat...various items

My Cathy Cat stash is constantly growing and there are only very few disappointing items so far. Really, the overall quality is really great and the line is after all quite affordable =)

Today I'll review a lot of stuff I received 2 or 3 weeks ago. 3 of the items are really good while 1 is a pure disappointment.

-Foxy Eyes:

I wanted to try one of Cathy Cat's eyeshadow singles for long time now as I really love their eyeshadow quints, duos and trios so I was absolutely sure that the singles would be striking.

However the one I got is not. I got the Foxy Eyes shadow in R348 as it looked like a metallic taupe on the swatch. Unfortunately it's a warm strange brown that doesn't work for me. I don't have to worry too much about the color though as the color pay-off is so little that it doesn't really show up anyway. It has indeed a sort of metallic finish if you're able to dig into the super hard rough shadow at all.

Costs 8000 Won and is definitely NOT worth it. I can't say if the other colors might be nicer though!

-Eyebrow Pact:

As I wrote before in other posts I have a strange passion for eyebrow powder compacts. So I was very tempted to buy the one from Cathy Cat and obviously gave in my lemming finally =)
The Eyebrow Pact contains 2 eyebrow powders and 2 applicators in a mirrored sleek black compact.

The powders are medium pigmented (I prefer this over super-pigmented brow powders as it looks more natural) and both colors work very well with my medium brown hair color. Filling in my brows is very easy with the silky powders and the result is natural and pretty.
I finish with Etude's Brow Fix Coat and my brows stay in place perfectly all day long.

Doing my brows is a very essential step in my makeup routine!
I paid about 14000 Won for mine and chose color 01 Brown (I see no other colors listed in this seller zelstory's shop).

-Brightening Dual Concealer:

I believe this is meant mainly for the eye area just like Etude House's Dark Circle Concealer. The Brightening Dual Concealer comes with a lipstick-type concealer one one side and a creamy one on the other side. I first use the solid concealer all around my eyes and then the liquid one below my eyes for added concealing strength.
The solid side is a bit sheer but brightens my lids nicely. The creamy side has more pigment and is a bit lighter in color so it does the concealing job better (this one is also nice to use on other parts of the face).

Using both sides together gives me a fresh awake look. I got color #20 which is the palest one (I know there were also #25 and #30 one of them being green.. they only sell #20 now though).

I do have to admit that I still prefer my Etude House Dark Circle Concealer though!
I paid 11800 Won for this.

-Creamy Tender Lips R510:

This is the 3rd lipstick from Cathy Cat I own (but I only like 2) and it's a really pretty color.
The tube of the Creamy Tender Lips is rather simple (basic smooth shiny black) but sleek.

The formula of this is creamy and sheer. The scent is a bit strong but it fades after some time. The staying power is fine in my opinion.

The one I got is color #R510 which is a pretty cool lavender-undertoned shimmery rose.
I paid 11800 Won.

I have a bunch of more Cathy Cat stuff to be reviewed soon (incl. their newest Glow Moisture Cake). =)

VOV Castledew Pen Eyeliner and Lineshot Pencil

As I mentioned in my most previous Jadilla J post VOV's other princessy line Castledew has one of those slim liners out so I decided to order it...and because ordering one eyeliner is boring and each liner came with a freebie I decided to get the other regular pencil, too =)

As I had expected the Castledew Pen Eyeliner is nearly identical to Jadilla J's Eyepen Technic Liner. Even the pen design is very similar. Both have a pink rhinestone attached to the cap and both have a very fine slim tip to draw a fine very even line. I love both and both cost me the same so they're pretty much interchangeable.
This is definitely one of the best liners I own as those super slim flexible feltpen-type liners work best for me.

It stays on all day long without smudging and can be a bit hard to remove if you layer it several times (just like all other liners like this)

I paid 9900 Won and got a free eyeliner. (this one is pretty useless as it's a bright pink eyeliner =X)

The other pen I got is the Lineshot Pencil, a regular automatic pencil in a twist-out sort of pen. The interesting thing about this is that this is dual-ended but both sides are the very same color (black). So this means you have 1 refill in your pencil so you get double the life-time out of it compared to regular automatic eyeliners.

The liner is very pointy at first so you need to use it a bit to blur the tip a little. After that it really works nicely and comes out as a very dark black on me. It's quite pigmented and glides on nicely. Staying power is great, too! Note: I only use this pencil on my lower lids as I never use pencil liners on my upper lids... only liquids, gels and those felt-pen like liners.
I paid 8900 Won and got a free Eye Smoothie in white (a very shimmery white cream shadow)

Seller is vovcare on Gmarket

Banila Co Two Kisses

I've been hauling some Banila Co stuff recently and among them was an interesting small item I have seen in many Korean brands: A lip tint/gloss duo. These seem to be quite popular and one from Banila Co looked like a pretty combo so I decided to get one.

Two Kisses contains a lip tint on one side and a gloss on the other side.
The tint is very liquid and has enough pigment to give my lips a pretty stain. However this emphasizes any unevenness of the skin terribly so make sure you are exfoliating your lips first. I am not a huge fan of tints and find the Banila Co one as tricky to use as others.
The staying power is really good so it will last through drinking or small meals.
I find lip tints uncomfortable to wear alone so the included gloss makes a great addition as it adds a slick layer of sheer glossy color. Also the gloss slightly camouflages any uneven application of the tint and makes the color appear a bit lighter.
There is a light fruity scent I can detect.

I got duo #02 which contains a berry colored stain and a pale pink gloss with shimmer. Together they create a pretty soft berry pink color with shimmer.
There is also a red/white and red/yellow lip duo.

I paid 7500 Won (seller
hs005491 on Gmarket)

How to use Credit Cards on Gmarket

Just until recently I used to pay only through paypal for my Gmarket orders which meant a general delay of 1 or 2 days till the payment was confirmed.
In my previous post "Tips for ordering from Gmarket" I noted that I had not been able to type in my CC info.
Someone kindly pointed out to me in the comments section that you have to add a Credit Card and get it verified from Gmarket before you can use one.

To add your CC, please do the following:
Make sure you're using Internet Explorer.
Go to "My Gmarket", click on "Personal Info", Click on "Credit Card Registration". A pop-up window will open.

Fill out the form there. Make sure your email address is correct so that you can get the registration confirmation.

Scan your card but cover the last 4 digits of your credit card (or use Paintshop or another program to remove them).
Send the card to Please don't forget to write your Gmarket ID in the email so they know for which account you want a card verification.

Usually the next business day you'll get an email confirming that you can use your credit card now.

When you want to pay for your order just check "Foreign Card" button to confirm which type of payment you want to use during the check-out process and click on "Select card". A pop-up window will open showing your card numbers (you can register up to 3 cards). Just click on the number and hit the submit button.

It's easier and faster than paypal and you see the payment confirmation right away.
I think I will only use Paypal from now on when I have funds in my account to use =)

On another note: Sorry for not posting a lot these days. I am very very busy with studying for an exam so I neither have time to test/use makeup nor write about it (BB Cream and lip balm are my friends these days) =) I will be back on track by end of next week (but I will try to publish some posts over the next days)
Thanks for understanding!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Banila Co Two Eyes Volume Mascara & Eye Love Gel Liner

I haven't been reviewing a lot of my Banila Co items I received over a month ago yet so you'll find some reviews popping up within the next few weeks =)

Two items I am very pleased with are the Two Eyes Mascara Volume and the Eye Love Gel Liner in Black Glitz.

Two Eyes Mascara Volume:

This is the typical primer and mascara duo you can find in many brands. The primer leaves a light white tint on my lashes but it's easy to cover it up completely with the black mascara. I haven't tried either of the side separately but together they really make my lashes fat and long and very black. Really awesome!
The brushes are the regular spiral brush-type applicators you find in most mascaras. I generally prefer comb mascaras but the Banila Co Two Eyes Volume Mascara is really great so I don't mind the brush applicator.

In contrast to most Japanese mascaras that are waterproof the Korean ones tend to be washable and remove easily. This one is no exception.
I just use normal Cleansing Oil and a tad bit of eye makeup remover and it all comes off with a few swipes.
There is also a Two Eyes Long Mascara if you prefer a lengthening formula.
Retails for 14000 Won (about US$12-13)

-Eye Love Gel Liner Black Glitz:

This comes in a quite heavy wide glass pot with a black cover.
The formula of this is slick and not thick and sticky like e.g. Etude House's gel gel eyeliners. The Eye Love Gel Liner glides on beautifully and dries to a budge-proof and smudge-resistant finish.

The one I got is called Black Glitz as there are a few fine golden glitters sprinkled throughout the gel. However they don't seriously show up on my eyes so it's for me a regular black gel liner.
Retails for 7500 Won which is a steal

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VOV Castledew Fall 2008: Diacut Eyes 901 & 902

I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new VOV Castledew 9-pan palettes as they looked breathtakingly pretty on the pics.
These babies cost me only 12000 Won/each so that's roughly US$10 (or only about €7) for a pretty compact offering you 9 colors (and thus really a big bunch of different eye looks!)
The Diacut Eyes are available in 2 variations. 901 is a baked-type eye palette and 902 contains pressed shadows.

The cases are very pretty, a dark silver with a laser-disc like holographic Castledew print outside and clear plastic inside with 2 sponge applicators.
The palettes are sized nicely. Not that huge and bulky but large enough to be able to use the eyeshadows easily (I hate those super tiny shadows you can hardly pick up with your brush).

#901 Planet Diamond:
This is the baked shadow palette. The texture is a bit harder (typical for many baked shadow) with sheer-medium pigment. The great thing about these shadows is that the colors are really buildable with a few layers. The darker 3 colors on the bottom are already quite pigmented but the lighter ones can gain intensity with 2 or 3 layers.
The finish of these is gorgeous, like a soft metallic (or very very fine shimmer). Really pretty!
I wore the 3 colors on the very right yesterday and they held up nicely the whole day without any creasing. Big yay from me!

The 9 colors are:
Top Row: Dia Pink (baby pink), Platinum White (white), Dia Beige (a soft cream shade)
Middle: Planet Pink (Medium rosy pink), Planet Gold (warm gold), Dia Peach (medium rosy peach)
Bottom: Planet Wine (warm plum), Planet Bronze (warm brown), Planet Brown (taupe)
Each row from top to bottom makes a nice eyeshadow trio btw =)

#902 Planet Shine Star:
This is the pressed type shadow palette. The texture is silky and finely milled and there is a good medium pigment in the darker and one of the lighter colors and sheer-medium pigment in the other light colors.
The finish is a soft pearly finish in the pastels and a metallic finish in 3 of the dark colors. The black color turns out to be a matte with some sparkles (that don't show up on the eyes really).
There is a glitter overspray on the eyeshadows but it vanishes with the first few uses.

The colors are:
Top Row: Crystal Yellow (ivory with good pigment), Miracle Violet (warm lilac), Crystal Pink (pale pink)
Middle: Crystal Peach (light pinky orange), Miracle Pink (medium pink), Miracle Khaki (metallic olive green).
Bottom: Planet Grey (metallic highly pigmented bluish silver), Planet Deep Brown (metallic taupe), Planet Black (Black, medium pigment, with some glitters).

I personally think both Diacut Eyes palettes are very worthwhile and they're dirt cheap anyway so you're getting quite a bang for your buck =)
I see these all over Gmarket (just search VOV, then sort to "Newest Arrivals" and you'll find them pop up a lot... e.g. seller miincos has these, too)

There is also a lip palette that seems to contain pretty berries and pinks. I didn't order it as I really rarely use lip palettes.

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