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Monday, August 18, 2008

Tips for ordering from Gmarket

I am getting quite a few emails daily asking me for help ordering or registering on Gmarket as the site is not that easy to use for many people. It took me a while to figure some things out so here are some tips I want to share

-First off be sure to open Gmarket only in your Internet Explorer. If I use Mozilla Firefox or other browsers several things don't work like e.g. color selections etc.

-When you register you will get an email with a confirmation link to click on. For many customers after clicking they still cannot log in to their account. I found this way works to be able to sign in:
Click on Customer Service on the top right corner of the main website. A pop-up will open (so make sure your PC doesn't block pop-ups). On the bottom of the pop-up window you will see a button that says "Confirm registration". Click on that one. Check your email that you got from Gmarket and you'll find a confirmation number. Enter the confirmation number and the email address you registered with in the boxes and click "Submit". After this step you should be able to log in.
Be sure your email provider doesn't block the Gmarket emails. If you didn't get a welcome email it's probably in your spam folder (happened to me)

-If you contact the customer service don't expect an email sent to your inbox. You have to go to "My Gmarket" and you will see a box that says "My Inquiries". It shows the questions you submitted and shows as status "submitted" or "answered". If it shows answered then click on the question and you'll see the answer.

-When you're ordering be sure to watch out that the seller will ship internationally. You can see this on the top right of the auction (if the box "ship to Korea Domestic address only" is ticked you can't order it overseas but it will be added to your cart for domestic shipping)

-When you order you can pay by paypal or credit card.
News as of October:
Gmarket is using their Paypal Express Checkout system. Please click here.
And click here to learn how to add credit cards to your account.

-Some sellers put lots of different items into 1 auction and you have a huge drop-down list to choose your item from. I know it can be very hard to order this way but I always just compare the characters of the item I want and the item in the drop-down menu and so far was able to receive the correct thing

-When you add wishlist items to your cart be careful as it has the tendency to put 2 of each in the cart.

-Your wish list takes only 50 products but you can create several wish lists with 50 entries/each. I am mentioning this because it happened to me that I added things to my wishlist and it was confirmed that they' were saved ("Successfully listed") but then they weren't there anymore and I still couldn't find the items until today.

-When you order you'll be required to pay an estimated shipping fee upfront based on the estimated shipping weight stated by the sellers. This can get quite high sometimes as many sellers have the stupid habit to enter an estimated shipping weight of 1kg/item (even stuff that will probably weigh like 50g or so). Whatever you paid too much will be refunded to your Gmarket account but be aware that withdrawing the money to your bank account will cost about US$35 so you better use the money towards your next Gmarket order (which should be lower than the Cash balance or using it is more difficult)

-If you want to use the money in your Cash Balance to pay for an order you have to sign in to your GAccount (not to be mixed with Gmarket Account). The link to your Gaccount is found in "My Gmarket" in the top row beside "Main" and "Shopping List".
In the first box you have to enter your regular Gmarket Account password and below a different GAccount passwort you chose when you registered first.
Click on
Withdraw Cash Balance for the payment of my order and below the box that shows the amount you can use there is a small box that says "Pay". Click on it and a pop-up will open. Choose the order you want to pay for and hit submit.

-Some more information (general stuff):
Gmarket is similar to eBay as many different sellers offer their items for sale, some are even the official websites so you get good GWPs and low prices as many even do Gmarket specials.
The sellers you buy from don't ship to you, instead everything gets sent to the Gmarket headquarters in Seoul by domestic EMS (so it arrives all there pretty fast). Domestic shipping is usually free if you order over a certain amount from a seller, some charge a small fee of 2500 Won (about US$2.50).
The good thing is that all items from different sellers in the same order get combined into 1 shipment which will save you quite a bit of money. If you placed several orders within some days and nothing was dispatched to you yet you can even combine orders (you can do this in the "My Gmarket" Main page) to save on shipping.
All items are sent by EMS so they arrive pretty fast.
You can track your items domestically (when it shows status "being shipped" beside your order) and internationally by the Korea post website. Just click on your order and scroll down. There you'll see your international shipping status (pending, being shipped). If you see the little "tracking" button beside it just click on it and you'll see where your parcel is right now.

-Please note that Gmarket doesn't send you confirmation emails for shipping etc. as you're supposed to look it all up yourself in your Gmarket account.


dawn. said...

hey!! ^^
I didn't know they accept Paypal! If not I would have ordered stuff from them earlier already (:
Well, what would you recommend getting from gmarket?
I don't wear foundation on a daily basis, so I guess I'll skip the skin79 one... But any eyeshadow brands/skin care/highlighter you would recommend? ^^ thanks!

Anonymous said...

How does the combined international shipping works exactly? I wanted to combine my orders but a dialog box with korean words popped up everytime after I agreed to combine the shipping yet nothing happens. Is there any requirements that I must fulfill before combining my shipping? (by the way, both parcels are sent to the same address)

Unknown said...

thanks for such a detailed FAQ!!!
just one question: since Gmarket consoles package from various sellers and sends everything to you, does this applies to those sellers which only ship domestically?

Kathi said...

The orders have to have confirmed payment then it works for me to combine them. Before the payment is confirmed it doesn't work.
Otherwise I suggest contacting the customer service.

You can only consolidate shipments from sellers who ship internationally. I don't know why as they anyway ship to Gmarket.

Maybe some just don't want to sell their stuff overseas and leave it within the domestic Korean market? (e.g. Skin Food doesn't ship internationally, I can imagine that's due to their higher prices in places like Singapore so they don't want to destroy their market value there). It's just a guess though

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi! I just placed my order thanks to your advice! :D

I got three Etude House items, we'll se how they behave! Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

This is really helpful. I managed to get my account set up, but haven't ordered yet. Now I feel more confident doing that- thanks!

acutelife said...

wow this is really useful, will start doing it soon!!!

the Muse said...

hey kathi

how are you?

This is very useful info. I ordered my 1st time last week. I normally have all my korean goodies cp'ed by a friend but this is easier than asking for cps over and over and over.

I was curious.

I ordered and it shipped but I see no refund for my shipping. I paid over $40 USD for shipping.

How long does it take for them to refund the shipping amount and place it into your gaccount?

Thanks doll!

Sonia said...

Could you also explain how to order from xanadu? Because I just don't seem to understand the ordering.

Kathi said...

Hiya Izzy,
I think the shipping status you see is for domestic shipping. Be sure to click on your order and scroll down to see the international shipping status. It will show you the estimated weight, the actual weight and how much of the shipping costs you should get refunded.
They refund the costs to me as soon as the parcel is packed and weighed and ready to be shipped internationally.
Otherwise I'd contact the customer service and inquire. Maybe the actual shipping was that high?

I don't see any difficulty ordering from Xanadu? I just pop whatever I want in the cart. You have to click on Account Center to sign in and you'll see the items you put in your cart in your order. Just choose desired shipping method and hit submit.
You either pay right away through paypal or wait for an invoice from the shop owner as the armail costs are not fixed and you need to wait for his quote.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathi,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I was quite worried that something went wrong with my order or something. I finally managed to combine the orders after my payment for one of the orders went through. Thanks again! Cheers.

the Muse said...

hey kathi

thanks darlin'!

All set I think. Looks like it's still pending. it's estimated at 4k. it's only four eyeshadows which were $5 USD each so it was over $40 to ship as the seller stated 1kg estimated shipping...1 shadow is def not 1kg!

They seem to be in the process of shipping so it make take a few days for me to see a refund!

Thanks for all the tips!

Did you get my MUA message saying thanks!?

I didn't get a reply, assumed you were busy! I loved everything MWAH!

I have a package here on my desk for you but I've been so terribly busy and swamped haven't made it to the PO yet!

Will shortly!

Hope the kids and you are doing great!


RED majexty said...

hello hello!
actually, you can use credit card on gmarket, but you have to verify it first in the gmarket account place. the last two sets of four numbers actually appears as ** which makes it seem like you cant fill up the box... i think. haha!

Thanks for this awesome guide! I had quite some doubts about gmarket.

Kathi said...

Oh thanks!! I'll try to put my Visa in the account!

min said...

hey thanks alot.. really detailed.

Anonymous said...

hi kathi, thanks for your detailed explanation of using G market. i've finally made my first order after spending the past 4 days comparing items from etude house, cathy cat and skin 79. wanted to get some banila co items as well but they don't ship in'tl

Anonymous said...

Hi, I ordered a shipment recently with paypal, and of course the shipping was wayyyy less than the estimated cost. SO then about 90 dollars went into my g account, and they say that they can withdraw it to my paypal account. I've been trying to contact them, but since I odn't know korean it is extremely hard. they haven't been responding to my emails and stuff. and that online customer service chat thing... only a white page pops up. Please help

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say that I was doing some reading up on BB creams and stumbled upon your fantastic blog. And of course when I googled 'Ordering from Gmarket', your blog popped out again! Thanks so much for all your reviews & tips etc.

Btw, I'm a huge fan of the SPQR series too. Other favs include D. Wishart, L. Davis, R. Rowe & S. Saylor. I just LOVE historical novels!

Thanks again!

Kathi said...

They're releasing the 13th SPQR novel very soon (in German translation) =D I love the past 2 ones located in Baiae/surroundings so I am curious how the next one will be! John M. Roberts just really has a fantastic hilarious writing style =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

I'm ordering from Gmarke. In their shipping information form, they require to input "sender's name" and telephone.

What is sender's name in this situation?

Kathi said...

I just write Gmarket and fill in my phone number. You can write Santa Claus or Micky Mouse if you prefer hehe =D They just print that thing out on their EMS form.. I don't know why they make that so

Anonymous said...

I just did ordering many things on Gmarket from same seller but I did them in different times. The seller has condition for free local transportation. My orders already reach condition, but it still show local transportation fee on my all orders. Can you suggest what should I do?

X said...

What will happen if I sent the wrong item number? I sent Gmarket the first item number. Will my item still get confirmed?

Anonymous said...

I'm really new to Gmarket. It took me awhile to find the way to register and place the order. The paypal took a couple of days but confirming the foreign fund took forever.

I wrote the customer service so many times but never get any respond. I even checked on my inquiries like you recommended. In return my order was cancelled and my 15 point was deducted. If it hits 20 and i'm out.

I tried again and the money process took forever and I never ever get any respond form the customer service.

heard you're saying about "re-confirm the payment with the customer service which delays the order for some days."

Any suggestion. I'm really confused. Thanks in advance.

Kathi said...

Ms. Stayhigh,
I really don´t know why it´s not working out for you =( It´s really easy once you figured the whole process out.
I am especially astonished that the CS doesn´t reply to you as they´re always pretty quick with their help. You could try emailing and make sure the address won´t be blocked by your email provider. Send her your gmarket ID, the order number, the paypal address you paid from, your Gmarket email address and how much you transferred. She helped me before so she might be able to help you.
Hope you´ll get it sorted out quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you so much for your super fast respond. I'll give it a try. Thanks again honey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advise but I'm really worried now that my e-mail hasn't been responded yet. My situation is that the money in G account doesn't show up and this is the last day to pay.

What am I gonna do? If I can no longer buy from the site and the money still there?

Kathi said...

Are you sure you sent the payment to the correct address?
Did you surely check your inquiry page (you have to click on the text of your message to see the answer, otherwise it will NOT be displayed). Have you checked your spam folder? I am really sorry, I can´t be of more help. You can call them if you want, that could also help.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure about the address because the first time I send the money, it went thru but it was to late and my order was cancelled (I fell to pay because of that.)

I can't find their number anywhere. Just the e-mail and fax number. Do you have the number??

Btw, I checked the inquiries page.

Kathi said...

click on customer center, click on web call center. you have to wait for their business hours though with your contact

Anonymous said...

On my Inquiries page it says"No inquiries are found."

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know exactly what the problem was now. I have 2 laptops, a mac, and a pc. Using mac on Gmarket messed me up. So now I tried to find out how to transfer all the money I have in Gaccount to my paypal (found out that they won't chart me for that since I sent it via paypal.) After that I'll close that acount and open a new one and will PAY via Credit card. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Gmarket is such a pain! Thanks for the guide.

I've tried to order something from them again because I want to use up my cash balance that I have with them and realised that I am short of US$9 short! So i tried to top it up with my paypal and it says.. "This recipient accepts PayPal payments only through their website. To complete this payment, please go to their website and follow their instructions, or email the recipient for instructions."
Have you come across this before? I have no idea how to top up my G account on the website. I did click on the link to PayPal from Gmarket though.


Anonymous said...

hi, i have a question..
so for any international order or more than one item, they automatically combine the shipping for you right?
i don't have to tell them i want it combined right?
&what if one of my orders was cancelled?
they refunded me the price of the item but not the shipping for it.. what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the helpful information! It really made ordering easier...but I still have a question. You said to click the "tracking" button but everytime I try, a new window opens and just takes me back to their homepage. Any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thx for ur information, and it is really helpful. However, when i try to shop on Gmarket, the seller skin79 seems to stop internetional shipping. Do u know that? or maybe i get any problem on processing?

mel said...

Hey kathi! Thanks for your awesome guide! I have one question: you mentioned the international shipping tracking and I am not seeing that anywhere on mine, and I would like to track my package. Do you have a screenshot or anything of where that is, or any helpful tips to track my package? I see the Korea domestic tracking for each individual one... but not the international. Does this mean it just has not shown up yet? Thanks so much, you are a sweetheart!

Kathi said...

for international tracking go to your Gmarket account... click on :
"Shopping list"...there you'll see your orders... you see the local transportation status and the international one there. If the International shipping shows "Being Shipped" with the "tracking" button below it just click on it and you'll see whereabout your package is

Anonymous said...

Good day Kathi
Thanks for the info. However, my recent purchase gave me a bit of pain and worry. This is my 2nd time getting stuff from Gmarket. The 1st was so smooth within 4 days reached me here in Singapore. Unfortunately, my 2nd time takes me 6 days and it is still under shipping preparation mode. I wrote them message and it took them 3 days to reply and telling me that Seller is going to ship out to the warehouse on 15 Jan (that's today) But I didn't see any update on my shipping page at all. Do you come across any weired case like that? It's like every single items is already shipped at the warehouse. Now there is only one item take forever no reply and no sign of shipping aiyooooooooooo. I dun no how to deal with Gmarket hummmmm sad sad sad

Anonymous said...

IF you can help me on this. I just placed my order yesterday, and when I checked on the status of it on the International shipping, there was nothing in the box. But when I went to the tab where it says "incomplete order" they listed my stuff with the status, awaiting payment and then next to it the remark stated "cancel." I made my payment through paypal and knowing that I have money in my credit card, why have I not recieve anything either from g-market or paypal stating that they have received my payment. Do they usually put the remark as "cancel" while they are waiting for the payment. I'm very nervous here because I really like the stuff at G-market, so if you can help me, that would be great.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I was wonderin if you would be able to help me with this :)
I placed my order.. almost a week now and on my gmarket->international shipping many of my orders in the remark button has been checked off but I never checked it off nor have I recieved anything! Does this mean anything?
Oh! and also, if a seller cancels an order is the money refunded into you gaccount?
Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

If i pay with paypal then will they refund the extra shipping amount in my paypal account..and will i be charged for the refund..

and incase they dont refund and i dont want to order again... does my money get stuck with them.. hey pls do reply your blog is a great help... thks

Anonymous said...

As I am interested in ordering something from Gmarket and all the sellers does not ship internationally, what can I do? Is there someone in Korea who can help me in it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

i just wondering if u can help me about my order...
i ordered 1 hoodie and 4 pajamas from G-market on 19th February... the pajamas went smoothly to the warehouse within 4 days after the order date... but the hoodie until now still hasn't received to the warehouse. the status was "being shipped" since 26th february and until still hasnt changed yet... i dunno why... is there any probability that the seller might swindled my money? or the gmarket too lazy to update the status?? they don't provide me the tracking number as welll.........
aiyooooooooooooooo... i have emailed Gmarket twice... but still no reply from them... it has been 3 weeks nowww....

Daniel said...

Hi meiyodha and hi Kathi,

I need your help:

I've the similar problem as meiyodha. I have ordered an robotic vaccum cleaner on March 1sth on Gmarket. Local transportation is "being shipped" and i can track the shows tracking until March 3th. No more :(
International shipping is still "pending"
I wrote already to Gmarket, if there is any problem, but no reply yet. I have paid by creditcard and i worry now to have paid a lot of money and the shippment is lost.
Any idea what else i could do?
Hope somebody can help me, i am really lost :(

My email:

Anonymous said...

i have a question on the combined international shipping. there are two options for me to choose when i am going to buy a product from gmarket.

the first one is buy now and add to cart. for add to cart, i noticed gmarket actually added all the items from different sellers and calculated the EMS shipping fee for me.

is this the same as choosing "buy now" then apply for the combined shipping after the payment?

if they are not the same, which one is cheaper?

thanks a lot~

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece!
I am trying for a couple of days to make my order, but i don't know what i put in the "sender's name and & email" fields.
I feel lost!
If anyone knows, help please!

Anonymous said...

hey :)
I want to order something from gmarket but the seller has entered an estimated shipping weight of 1kg/item. So if I want to order maybe 10 items, do I have to pay for 10kg even if the items are not that heavy??
I was just wondering because that would be quite expensive...

orange said...

Hi Cathi, I'm really stresssss outttt about this gmarket things.. Please help me I don't even know how to pick an item! It seems even tho i have tried to click different items, it always came up saying that I was ordering the same stuffs!
=( Please help me..

This is the link I'm interested in. I want to buy some tees from them :(

Thanks ^^
Thanksss so much

Anonymous said...

Hey!me too! I tried ordering some clothes from Gmarket & I don't even know how to pick out that item I want.The flash display picture is always changing.& I can't seem to find the item I want in the drop down list too.I used the item# they provide beside pictures to search.Pls help!=)

~X said...

Hihi..can i ask if using paypal will be cheaper or using CC?..thanks!!!!1

Anonymous said...

hey there, was wondering if you could help me regarding my gmarket order.

i've placed an order 8 days ago, and everything else has been delivered to the EMS warehouse within 4 days except for items from this particular seller.

i went back to the seller's page, only to find out that the price written there is 'Out of Stock Temporarily'. however, if you click the down arrow, there's still hundreds of stock left!

do you know if i can get my items or money back?

thank you in advance!

Annix said...

Hello Kathi ^^
I have a problem, I never received the registration confirmation code in the email.
After i clicked the "Confirm registration" button.
I got taken to this page that said the member authorization is already completed.
I checked my email and i never got a new email with the confirmation code...

do you know how i can get it?
>.< thanks! Anni

Doursiel said...

Hi there,
I'm placing an order with my friend and when we hit the "pay" button, we're getting a korean pop up asking for some installtion ( from 'Korea Virtual Payment Co..')
We're not sure what it is..Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

heelo , i bought somehting from g-market buy then the account dosent have anyhting.. thaty i have order what shnould i do

YSK said...

Hello Kathi,

Thanks very much for a nice blog.

I found Gmarket CS very pathetic. They don't at all care for their customers.

I am already a user of gmarket living in Korea and I have provided my address both in ENglish and Korean in the gmarket address book. Till date I have ordered and recevied a few items from gamarket. However, my package that I ordered nearly 2 months ago is yet to be delivered. I ordered three different items at the same time, two of which were delivered without any problem and the third one still remains an issue .

I contacted gmarket and they said that my address was too long, the seller did not write it and the item was returned back. The delivery person made a phone call to me but I could not understand anything as I don't speak korean. As a compensation, I had to pay for the return delivery fee to the seller. I wanted to have to item so I told the gmarket to deliver it again. I sent gmarket my address, very precisely written that too in Korean. However, after a wait of nearly one month, I had no news. I contacted gamrket again and they said that the item was returned again due to incomplete delivery information. I would like mentioning again that the address was provided by me through gmarket CS as it was as precise as anything could be. Now they say that I have to pay again for the delivery fee. They told me to wait for some time to receive yet another message from them. 15 days of wait and no message. What should I do? Do I have the option of going to the customer court here?
Thank you very much for your kind reply.

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