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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jill Stuart Fall 2008: Illuminance Collection

I've really become a Jill Stuart fan ever since they started releasing eyeshadow palettes. I got most of them and really love using them due to their pretty color combinations and beautiful shimmery pigmented texture.
Another love of mine are the Mix Blush Compacts as they are really flattering soft blushes with a soft sheen and a fine texture.

So sure I was thrilled to see the new Illuminance Eyes palettes and new Mix Blush Compact Illuminance for Fall 2008. I ended up getting 2 of the eyeshadow palettes (thanks to my dear friend Haru from Rouge Deluxe) and both Mix Blush Compact Illuminance.

The Illuminance Eyes are regular items and not limited so they're easily available from several online shops like Ichibankao or Bobodave. The blushes are limited edition and a bit harder to get...they even were sold out completely in Japan in a matter of a few days!
I got one of my blushes from Ichibankao and one from Bobodave (about US$10 pricier! =O). The only one I see online selling the blushes now is Bobodave.

-Illuminance Eyes:

These have a soft powdery texture with the typical floral Jill Stuart scent added (I would really just leave that out of eyeshadows!).
They are definitely medium pigmented and don't have as much glitter fall-out as the 1st style of palettes had (Brilliance Eyes). I love both color combinations I picked as they're very wearable and pretty.

Please note that the 2nd shade form the left is sheerer and very glittery than the rest even if it doesn't appear so. I would have preferred a normal powder shade though.
The compacts have been made even more prinessy than their predecessors so it might be too much or kitschy for some people. I however love them =)

01 Jewel Dress: Light grayish purple, light pink, hot pink and a pretty gray.

03 Brocade Gold: Light warm pink, beige (which however turn to iridescent pink glitter on me), neutral golden brown and taupe brown (turns cooler on me than it looks in the pan). Very pretty and wearable day colors in my opinion.

-Mix Blush Compact Illuminance:

The case is now even prettier than before as they added some lace designing. Very cute! It comes with the detachable brush like the previous version.
Both colors have glitter designs sprayed on but I am happy that they're only on top as I don't like such chunky glitters in my blush (hence I wiped the glitter off before the first use. Blasphemy, I know!). Each blush consists of 4 colors, one being a highlighter. With a narrow brush you should be able to pick up each color individually but I prefer to swirl my blush brush across the compact and use my highlighter brush to pick up the highlighter shade on the top left of the compact.
The texture of the blushes is very silky and finely milled with good pigment (2 swipes usually are enough for me) and leave a soft sheen (not shimmer or glitter as far as I can detect).
These have the signature JS scent added, too.

101 Platinum Illuminance: This mixes into a fabulous cool pink on me which is very flattering.

102 Gold Illuminance: This leaves a warmer pink flush, and can be transformed more into a peach if I pick up more of the peachy colors.

RRP for the eyeshadows is around 5500 Yen, the compacts are around 4500 Yen but I don't know the exact prices off head, sorry!


birkinbagbeauty said...

These are gorgeous. I have ordered the 02 blush 2 weeks ago from Bobodave. Hopefully, it will arrive this week.

Beauty Addict said...

Hi Kathi, I bought the 102 blusher. I love it! Too bad the shimmer is only sprayed on. I love the shimmer!

Anyway, have u tried Canmake duo blusher? The colours look beautiful on fair skin. I have it in 02. This range of blush is shimmery with golden shimmers in them. I like that they brighten up the complexion.

However, if one doesn't like shimmer in blush, I'd not recommend this.

gracie :)

Anonymous said...

I. Am. So. JEALOUS!!! >.< I really am so in love with their packaging. They're just so absolutely gorgeous! I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnt~ *cries*

Kathi said...

My blush from Bobodave came within 5 days or so incl. a weekend =D

I have tried Canmake blushes but the online swatches were so off that I picked the wrong colors. They're a bit too glittery for my taste. I like shimmery, metallic or pearly blushes but don't like glitter.

Unknown said...

I do like the sound of Jill Stuart! This is firmly on my list now! Cheers x

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