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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Etude House Silky Perfumed Shampoo & Conditioner

I can't believe that I haven't posted about haircare yet! I am obsessed with my hair! It's very long and thick and healthy because I do a lot of treatments, hair masks etc.

My favorite Shampoos & Conditioners are from Kanebo Sala and Shiseido Tsubaki (the red and the white ones). But recently I noticed that my hair got oily quicker, felt a bit weighed-down and looked a bit dull so I blamed the hot weather and overly rich and moisturizing haircare for this.

Feeling this would be a good excuse to get a cute more lightweight shampoo & conditioner I decided to order the Silky Perfumed Shampoo & Conditioner from Etude House (and of course it helped that they come in super cute purple pump-dispenser bottles!).
You know I could have just went to the drugstore here and pick up a 2€ bottle of some random Nivea shampoo for normal hair and it would do the job but why would I when I can get cute Etude House stuff instead? =P

Anyway, the Etude House shampoo & conditioner are exactly what I wanted.

The Silky Perfumed Shampoo is a clear gel with some fine shimmer. It cleanses well without stripping my hairs of oils too much. But it does a good job at cleaning my hair and make it feel more bouncy and lightweight.

The Silky Perfumed Conditioner is a rather thin white emulsion, reminding me of a light body lotion. It moisturizes lightly without making my hair greasy or weighed-down.

Using both products gives me soft, silky and shiny hair.

Both products have a light scent, reminding me of peaches (and similar to Kanebo Naive Peach Body Wash).
The name Silky Perfumed awoke the imagination of a powdery floral fragrance but I am happy that it's a fruity light peachy scent instead.
The pretty smell doesn't linger long though. My hair smells nice after using this yesterday but it's not really the peachy scent of the products I can detect.
Etude House say that the s&c contain camellia oil, madadamia nut oil and sunflower seed oil to make hair shiny and healthy.

All in all a good basic hair care set for hair that isn't super dry or very oily.

280ml of shampoo or conditioner retail for 5500 Won.

There is also a richer hair treatment in a squeeze tube available.


MiuMiu said...

i've been reading your reviews on MUA and your blog for a while but couldn't leave a comment before, until i created a blog. i love your reviews! i'm going to korea soon for a year to teach and i'm so excited about seeing all the products you've reviewed in korea.

i'm wondering if you're ever used the laneige foundation or sliding pacts? do you know what type of coverage they offer? if the sliding pact is light to medium coverage i'm jumping on them right away!
btw, sorry if this seems awkward, but i don't wanna keep calling you lotus palace, but you're name is kathi right? from what i've read on the comments.

Kathi said...

I used the Snow Crystal foundation but even #13 was way too dark for me. This is odd as even #21 (powder pacts, not liquid foundation though) works for me most of the time.
Also the Snow Crystal foundation caused an outbreak of pimples right after just trying it out for some hours. Very annoying as those needed like a week to go away.
I haven't tried the Sliding Pact as I am afraid it might be too dark, too. But it looks like an interesting product!

plue said...

Hi Kathi,

You are making me lemming for more Etude House stuff! The purple bottle looks awfully pretty! :D


Kathi said...

Gmarket is the devil, I swear! =D And Etude House is pure evil with all that pretty stuff they release lol!
I fell for the cute purple bottles, too!

plue said...

I am slightly luckier than you. I do have Etude House in my area, so I don't need to buy online, though the shop mark up a little. I wonder whether they have this in store? I shall go check!

Another reason to go broke!

Oh yeah, was wondering, between Skinfood's Choco Jam Eyeliner and Kate Gel Liner, which do you recommend?


Kathi said...

Hmmmm...both gel liners are really nice. If I had to decide I'd probably get a Kate though as it comes with a nice brush =D

plue said...

thank you so much kathi!


keep up the good reviews! i will be reading! :D


Unknown said...

Hey Kathy
Its my first time leaving a comment on your blog but
I have been a long fan of your blog and read yours everyday.
Its really intriguing for me to read your blog as I am Korean and I am equally interested in Japanese and Korean make ups like you. I can see why you like Etude House stuff Yes. I know. They do deliver cutest design ever than any other Korean make ups. Their street shops is exactly like doll's house. All the staffs wear maid-looking dress. Anyway I just wanted to say to you that If you are looking for long lasting scented shampoo, I recommend you to look for Kerasys Shampoo. Its Korean and I am sure you can find it on Gmarket and they are the best scented shampoo I have ever used. Go for white packaging one though.
I like your endless search for interesting and good make up items and will keep visiting to your blog so I can also get the pleasure from reading your latest treasures. :D
Any Korean make up related questions?
I will happily help for you!
Take Care~!!

Anonymous said...

Is it good or bad? what's ur rating of it, out of 5?

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