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Monday, August 11, 2008

Skin79 Body Emulsion & Hand Cream

I generally don't pay so much attention to Korean or Japanese body care but on my last Gmarket spree I decided to order a body lotion and hand cream set from Skin79 as it cost only 9900 Won and looked nice in their mint colored packaging.

-Body Emulsion:
This is a lightweight yet moisturizing body moisturizer.
The products claims:
-24hrs moisture due to Imperata Cylindrica Root extract
-Amino Acid Complex locks moisture, increases and prevents loss of moisture
-Vitamin E for firm and smooth skin
Other ingredients I see are Papaya and Witch Hazel

This is a very smooth lotion with a very pleasant light scent that reminds me of lavender and lemon but only very faint. I love the scent as it's refreshing and not causing me headaches (a common problem for me with most perfumes and strongly scented products).
The lotion sinks in my skin quickly and leaves it soft and moisturized.
It's a very good basic daily lotion and looks pretty on my bed-side table.
Comes in a practical pump-dispenser bottle and contains 300ml.

-Hand Cream:
Contains: Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Polyglutamic Acid and Betaine.
The box says that this provides long-lasting nourishment and softens and repairs damaged skin.
I think this is the best Hand Cream I found in the previous years. It's a very thick cream but my hands feel like silk for several hours after applying this. And they are still smooth after the cream vanishes.
I will definitely order the 1+1 free pack for 4800 Won soon to distribute the cream to some strategical places all over my home =P
Contains 40g.

There is also a Foot & Heel Cream available I want to give a try soon, too.


~raspy~ said...


i went to surf at GMarket but found it too confusing!! i gave up surfing after 1/2 hr.. haha

Kathi said...

Yea, Gmarket is tricky and it took me several hours to figure it out but it was worth the hassle =D I have 3 more orders on the way now =X

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