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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Isa Knox Luxian Wrinkle Free Lipstick

So far I only tried 2 items from Isa Knox Luxian and quite like them so I decided to try out one of the lipsticks.

The Luxian Wrinkle Free Lipstick comes in a golden tube which you just have to twist to reveal the color. No caps or something involved as the liptick just glides out. Very convenient!
The tube comes in a yellow gold color which looks tacky and cheap in my opinion. Very dated. I prefer cuter/trendier/simpler styles of makeup compacts and tubes so yellow gold is just not my taste.

Nonetheless the lipstick is quite nice. It comes with an inner care core with the color surrounding it. It's the first Korean lipstick I have found that's not scented (or at least I didn't detect any fragrance). While Japanese brands generally stick with unscented lip products (to my delight) most Korean lipglosses and lipsticks are scented, mostly with some fruity fragrance.

The formula of this is creamy but not buttery or overly soft. It doesn't dry out my lips but I wouldn't really call it super moisturizing. There is good pigment in my lipstick and the staying power is good.
I can't say if this fights wrinkles as so far I don't really have them (*knocks on wood*)

I chose the color W150 which is a bright cool medium pink. It's quite bright so I prefer this with a neutral eye. (looks more muted in the pics!)

Here's a LOTD pic...sorry for the strange angle I took the pic

Costs 18000 Won (at least that's what I paid on Gmarket) which is a moderate price for a brand that's considered more luxurious.


birkinbagbeauty said...

That lipstick looks gorgeous on you.

By the way...are you familiar with Kevin beautymaker makeup?
This girl posted a facial powder of him:

Kathi said...

No, never tried it. Looks pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm Korean && I don't live there, so I was wondering if anybody who lived there could tell me what's it's like?
I'm stuck in Seattle. It's rather nice here and my mother's home is great, so many rooms. and my Gloomy bear/ Toki Doki scenery matches perfectly with my Harajuku style(:
But, with all the asianery, It makes me wonder.

Signed, Dani-Sung

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