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Saturday, August 16, 2008

First venture into Lotree

Whenever I think I tried something from every cute Korean brand another brand I didn't know before pops up and as I am a total sucker I have to cave and order something to try it out (usually many things in 1 go =X)

I think I was searching for Innisfree or something else on Gmarket when the search came up with some cute kits in mysterious very dark purple packaging so after a few clicks a big bunch of stuff from this mystery brand called "Lotree" ended up in my shopping cart.
I meanwhile learned more about this brand and found some reviews on Cozy Cot for the BB Cream so it seems to be a known brand (and now I know it, too, lol!)

I think this was about the fastest shipped package I ever received from Korea. I ordered this on Monday afternoon (Korean time) and at night the package was already shipped to Gmarket. On Tuesday I could already track my package on the EMS site as Gmarket had already dispatched it to me.

Anyway, on to the stuff.
Of course I had to play with most of my new goodies today and so far so good. The products are not only cutely packaged, they seem to be of high quality, too. The casings and overall style remind me a bit of Anna Sui...

I ordered 4 kits.

The first kit costs 29000 Won and contains:

-Dual Reah Gel Tinted (lipgloss duo) 2x 7ml:

This is a pretty dual-ended lipgloss in clear pink and pink. Both colors slightly deepen after application so they leave a very pretty sheer pink glossy stain (no fuschia, don't worry!). Has a faint scent and good staying power due to the slightly sticky texture.

-Triple Balance Spray Sunblock SPF27 PA++ 60ml:

Sun protection spray with a light soft scent. Feels very lightweight upon application and spreads easily.

-Dual Pearl Curling & Volume Mascara 2x 4.5ml:

This is probably the best Korean mascara I tried so far. It contains a pearl white mascara with glitters on one side and a deep black mascara on the other. I am not 100% sure which coat goes first but my logic tells me first the black mascara and then the pearl side for finishing touches. Gives great volume and holds the curl really well. A slight layer of the pearl side really gives an interesting pretty sparkling effect.

-Aurora Styling Pearl Point (loose eyeshadow) 3g:

This is a loose VERY pigmented eye shadow. My only problem is that the color it comes in is a burnt orange which is exactly the sort of color that looks horrible on me. It has a very dense metallic finish which makes it a really lovely eyeshadow. I tried this today and the color works for me but it's not the most flattering one.
I believe this is also available in silver which is a definite wishlist item for me.

-Premium Pearl Powder in 04 1.5g:

A loose pale pink shimmery highlighter in a small pot. Since there is no sifter and the powder is loose it's a really messy item. I think this is just a sample-size anyway so the original size will probably contain a sifter. Due to the messiness of this product I am not that fond of it.
Comes with a puff.

The 2nd kit costs 29000 Won and contains:

-Rosa Davurica Powder Pact SPF40 (I got color #21) 12g:

A pretty pressed powder with a light rose fragrance. I love the purple compact & puff (and it comes with a 2nd puff, too!).
The powder is silky and finely milled and gives sheer-medium coverage.

This is the regular version, there is also an oil-controlling version available.

-Aurora Eye Dream Shine Base (gift) 25ml:

I first thought this is an eyeshadow primer. But the size of this (25ml) made me doubt this. On the small carton to which the product is attached it says "Aurora Eye Dream Highlight" and the products pictured say the same whereas my tube says "Eye Dream Shine Base"... Hmmmmm... Now what is that stuff? It's an iridescent white/pink unscented cream giving a very light pearly sheen. If anyone can tell me what's the exact use of this please leave a comment. Thanks!

The 3rd kit I chose retails for 32000 Won and comes with:

-Magic Positioning Primer 20g:

This is a very solid ivory colored cream (feels almost like a wax) in a pot. It's a primer and pore-filler leaving skin really very even and fine-textured with a silky touch. It has a light fragrance which reminds me a bit of baby powder. It goes on clear.
This is really a good product, similar to Etude House Pore Erasing Peach Base but it does a better job at filling in pores and fine lines whereas the Peach Base makes leaves skin a bit more matte and has a yummier scent (peach!)

-SPF21 BB Primer Tinted Control Base 16ml (gift):

I wasn't sure at first if this is a BB Cream or a primer for BB Cream (like Missha BB Boomer) as the name puzzled me a bit. After trying it out I am now sure it's a BB Cream in a very pale color and with sheer-medium coverage. It's one of the more lightweight BB Creams so it's really pleasant to use. It has a faint scent that doesn't bother me.
My skin feels very soft and moisturized now and I applied it about 7 hours ago.
Mine came in a 16ml deluxe sample size that will last me through several weeks with daily use.

And the 4th kit which cost me 27000 Won contains:

-Rosa Davurica Triple Cake (powder foundation/powder) in #21 12g:

A powder foundation with medium coverage and a light rose scent. Comes in a cute purple and white case with a puff and an extra sponge so I believe this can be use wet. Doesn't feel chalky however the finish is a bit powdery but sets on the skin after half an hour or so making it look soft and even. Overall a pretty good powder to use on top of BB Cream to add some extra coverage. If I want to wear foundation I will use the Rosa Davurica Pressed Powder to set the makeup.

-Retro Glam Cream Cheek (blush) (gift):

This is a gorgeous muted coral pink colored cream blush in a small pot. Blends well and shows up softly through powder. The color is very flattering for most skin-tones in my opinion.

-SPF21 BB Primer Tinted Control Base 16ml (gift):
(see description above)

I also received 2 extras: 2x makeup base sample sachets and

-Rubia Shiny Pearl Party highlighter compact:

Cute little purple compact with 2 compartments.
In the upper level is a mirror and a pale pink shimmery highlighting powder. Below is a little purple puff.

This is one of the handiest highlighters due to the small size of the compact so it makes a great companion when you travel or to carry in your purse. The highlighter itself has very fine shimmers and leaves a soft sheen, no glitter or dewy finish many other Korean brands tend to go for.

I see Lotree have a big variety of powders and powder foundation pacts and there is even a very pale color #19 in some of the ranges. I got my powder and Triple Cake in #21 which is very pale and light enough for me easily.


Beauty Addict said...

Hi Kathi, I love your haul esp the lip gloss and blush. Is the blush easy to blend?

Btw, how is GMarket services? Is it something like eBay? Is postage fast? Sorry for the many questions. I read your blog regularly and u are creating so many lemmings! ;) I wanna try using GMarket :)

Thanks and have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

hi, I was just wondering.. is gmarket kind of like ebay? With individual sellers..? I want to order some stuff but i don't understand what's written on the website.. thanks.

Kathi said...

it's sort of like eBay but the individual sellers don't ship to you directly, they send their items to the GMarket headquarters where your things are assembled and packed. This way you can save shipping fees and you won't be ripped off as you pay only the actual shipping fees by EMS.
The only problem I have is that you pay an estimated shipping fee upfront based on the estimated weight of the items. Many seller have the tendency to enter 1kg as estimated weight for every item (even super lightweight things like lipsticks etc.) so it can happen easily that you have to pay very high shipping costs first and get a refund to your Gmarket account after the real weight has been determined so you can use that money towards another order. But it's annoying nonetheless.
It's important that you use Internet Explorer as some things don't work with other browsers (e.g. Color selections etc.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

I have just bought the Lotree BB Cream from John Little, and was wondering if it may be too rich for me, because the tube says that it has anti-wrinkle properties? I'm 22 years old this year, no wrinkles or lines so far, and relatively good skin (but oily on the inside and dry on the outside). Please advise me! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just read your post today. I got the Lotree Aurora Eye Dream Highlight yesterday. I think it's a concealer and base for undereye area. I use it before using my concealer. It's good.

Juschev said...

Hi Kathi,

Thanks for the headsup for ordering with Gmarket. I finally found a solution to ordering K beauty items online!

Am going to subscribe to your post:)

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