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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First venture into Cosline

I heard of Cosline before ever since I spotted some cheap sheet masks on eBay produced by this company.

Recently I found some cute makeup kits on Gmarket and noticed it was the same brand and since I was curious how the quality was like I went ahead and ordered 2 sets.

Cosline Avenue #1 (35500 Won, about US$35)

Available as Glam Package (with lipstick) or Gloss Package.

-Prielry Mineral Air Pact:

A baked face powder in a very pretty metallic charcoal compact with a rhinestone (the box claims this is an authentic Swarovski Crystal) embedded in the middle. This offers medium coverage and feels light and silky. Didn't cake up today in the hot sweaty weather.

Carries a light fragrance but nothing overwhelming.
Comes in 2 colors of which I chose the lighter one 01 Light Beige.

-Prielry Diamond Gloss:

Sheer sparkly gloss with a light fruity scent. Comes in 7 colors to choose from. I chose color #51 Dressy Purple which is a pretty hot pink with purple/blue iridescent shimmer.

-Prielry Diamond Cookie Shadow:

Baked duo shadow in a compact similar to the Mineral Pact. This is a bit of a disappointment as the shadow duo is quite hard and sheer. It can still work for subtle definition with a soft pearly finish but I prefer better pigmented shadows.

I chose #4 but there are 6 other colors available.
But you can't always have a winner, right?

Now comes the best part: I am chuffed with the truckload of goodies you get free with the purchase of a kit!

My Cosline Avenue #1 came with:

-Tanning Tissues 13x2 pieces
-a cooling pore tightening sheet mask.. very interesting stuff! You have to push the package hard in the middle and then within 3 minutes your mask gets icy cold for a most refreshing experience! The whole package with 1 mask is quite heavy and feels crunchy when you touch it!
-1 Eye Two Shine eyeshadow duo (not too bad quality) (color randomly selected)
-1 Sweet Cheek blusher (color randomly selected - unfortunately I got the bright orange one =( )
-5 Hair Shampoo & Hair Treatment sachet duos
-5 Cream Cleanser sachets
-5 Foam Cleanser sachets
-a package with 5 eyeshadow applicators
-a lip brush

Cosline Avenue #5 (34200 Won):

-Total Sun Base 3 in 1 BB Cream SPF 36 PA++:

Sun protection, makeup base and foundation in 1. Comes in 2 colors of which I ordered #1 (Light). This is the first BB Cream that comes in a slightly peachy color and is very light. Unfortunately the Total Sun Base is so sheer it doesn't really cover well so it fails as a BB cream in my opinion. Feels very lightweight and makes a decent sun cream but a bit coverage wouldn't have hurt.

-Flower Cookie Blusher:

This was the first item that caught my attention when the kits popped up on GMarket (I was searching for something else but Gmarket usually comes up with other stuff lol).
The compact is very pretty, rose shaped with a rhinestone embedded.
I decided to go for color #2 as the swatch looked like it would be a soft neutral pink perfect for me (the other 2 colors look both in the beige-brown range).

The Flower Cookie Blusher is quite silky and pigmented and leaves a soft glowy finish. Very pretty and worth purchasing!

There was lots of free stuff in this kit, too:
-Tanning Tissue 2x13 pcs
-Cooling mask (see above)
-Shine Start Gloss in #11 (a pretty sheer champagne gloss with sparkles) (color randomly selected)
-Eye Two Shine Eyeshadow duo (different colors than above) (randomly selected)
-5 Cream Cleanser sachets
-5 Foam Cleanser sachets
-a powder puff

Overall Cosline seems to be a good makeup brand. It might not be excellent but some items are definitely worth picking up! But it's none of those brands that made me fall in love right away like Cathy Cat, Banila Co or Etude House,

All freebies and some close-ups:


Anonymous said...


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My name is Irene and I'm involved in an online beauty community website called I was hoping that you would have a minute to check out the site and perhaps if you liked what you saw... write about it on your blog? If not, then perhaps we can swap links to help each other?

I may be going out on a limb by asking you for promotional help through your blog, but I hope you find to be as news worthy/helpful as I perceive it to be. There's still a lot of work to be done with it, but I'm working on it. It's hard to compete when you're a small fish in a huge sea with huge sites like MUA and the likes, but I do what I can :) My favorite part of the site is the 'critic's corner' where members can review or read up on various product reviews for makeup and skincare. Then there's always the forum, the photo gallery, the ask a makeup artist page, etc.

Thanks for your time :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

do you have a link to the kits on Gmarket? I am loving the flower cookie blusher that I got and would love to try some other things but I'm not having much luck finding them!

Anonymous said...

that free blush is so pretty!

Kathi said...

Here's a link to the seller:

Hope you find something you like =D

Kathi said...

Oops, that link doesn't work.
Here's the seller's name:
cosline in Korean 코스라인애비뉴

Kathi said...

(just copy the name in Koran and put it in the search field and the seller's items pop up)

Anonymous said...

hi, how about link to Cathy Cat, Banila Co or Etude House

Anonymous said...


Kathi said...

I posted the sellers of Etude House and Cathy Cat before I think.
Here they're again. Just copy the Korean word and paste it in the GMarket search.

Cathy Cat:
坂銅食酔 (je7036)
There are some other sellers who sell a few products but je7036 has many items from the range.

Etude House:
拭禽球馬酔什 (etudehouse)

I haven't found a Banila Co seller yet who ships internationally so I still rely on my CPer to purchse those items for me (a bit jacked-up prices, but not that bad)

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