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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ettusais Strong Separate Mascara & Lip Gloss

I don't own really lots of items from Ettusais and I am not super impressed with the brand in general but the and the Strong Separate Mascara and Lip Glosses are quite nice items.

Strong Separate Mascara:

I am a big fan of comb mascaras. My HG mascaras both have a comb applicator as it's much easier to separate my lashes with a comb and to reach the very roots of my lashes.

I think that thickening formulas work really best with comb applicators unless I want a natural finish (which I am personally not liking). Combs just can't deposit so much color on the lashes so if I want decent drama the formula should be volumizing.

The Strong Separate Mascara has an applicator with 2 different sides. On one side there is what they call a coil. To me it's just a riffled plastic piece. The other side has a very fine long-toothed comb that's really perfect to separate the lashes.
I achieve best results when I first use the coil side to coat my lashes and then comb with the comb side.

The result is really pretty. It gives me a sort of soft feathery lash look with enough volume and length.
The mascara is waterproof and retails for somewhere around 1500 Yen.
I have the black color. I don't know if there are other colors available.

Lip Gloss:

I got a few Lip Glosses from Ettusais before but didn't open them as I knew the colors won't suit me at all. I can't wear bright oranges so they were no-gos for me (they were freebies so I won't complain too much).
Recently I found a lot of 3 glosses on eBay for US$12 which is a steal as each of them has a retail price of about US$15.
Even though I knew there is 1 color in the lot I wouldn't use (yes, an orange one) I really liked the other 2 colors so I snatched the lot up.

I love that Ettusais Lip Glosses come with flexible clear spatula applicators. For the rather thick and sticky (and long-lasting formula) the spatula does a much better job in spreading the gloss than the regular fuzzy doe-foot applicator you find in regular glosses.
Lots of Shiseido-owned brands have those spatulas (Ettusais, PN, Maquillage, Inoui ID, IPSA and even Integrate but in a twist-pen style) and I wish more brands would use them as they're really practical especially when I want to wear gloss on top of lipstick as cleaning the spatula is a breeze.

I got 3 colors in the lot: BE2, PK1 and PK4.
BE2: A pretty beige with lots of pigment.
PK1: Sheer shimmery pink
PK4: I wonder why they labeled this as a pink? It's clearly orange. I didn't open this and don't plan on using this.
The glosses aren't flavored or scented (yay!)

BE2 (top) and PK1 (bottom):

Overall it's definitely worth picking up a Strong Separate Mascara or a Lip Gloss if you have the chance to.


birkinbagbeauty said...

The comb looks really nifty. It looks much better than the usual combs I have came across with the mascaras...much more precise.

Unknown said...

Would you be looking to sell the other one through PayPal or the like? I actually love the orange.

Kathi said...

yea, I'll be listing the orange one on lotus palace sales soon

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