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Monday, August 11, 2008

Kate Fall 2008

Today I got an Adambeauty order from last week containing some of Kate's and Lavshuca's fall stuff.
As always the service from Adambeauty was very fast, everything was wrapped well and I even got a Coffret D'or lipstick sampler.

The new Kate items I got are pretty and of the typical good Kate quality but I am not completely thrilled with the eyeshadow palettes. The 2 browns I got are warmer than they look online. The pigment is good but not fantastic and all in all they're solid palettes that don't cost too much.

-Deep Trap Eyes:

This comes in 5 color variations. The texture is silky and medium pigmented with soft pretty shimmer.

BR-1: Collection of browns for an easy business day look.

GY-1: Cooler browns and grays that work better with my skin-tone for a sophisticated elegant day look.

PU-1: This is the most outstanding palette of the 3 I picked. It contains cooler and warmer colors like pink, peach, cool purple etc (see pic) and can create some different and interesting looks.

Retails is 1680 Yen for tiny 2.8g. I paid US$16 on adambeauty incl. shipping.

-Glam Trick Eyes BR-2:

The Glam Trick Eyes series is one of my very favorite series from Kate as the colors are highly pigmented and can create dramatic smoky eyes. The new one has a rusty brown color theme that's not 100% flattering for me.

The pigment and quality are great just like the other Glam Trick quints.

Retails is 1680 Yen for 4.5g. I paid US$16 on adambeauty incl. shipping.

-Gel Eye Liner N (Powder Gel Liner N):

Kate reformulated their very popular gel liners and released new colors. There is now a black, brown, green and blue color available. The brush it comes with was revamped, too. It comes now with a protective cap and has a slightly wider head with softer bristles.

I got the gel liners in BU-1 and GN-1 as I have about 10000000000000 black and brown gel liners but few blue and even fewer green ones. The texture is great and pigmented and the colors are absolutely budge- and smudge-proof. I applied the liners to the back of my hand, went to wash my hands and do other things and there is no single sign of fading or smudging. I will try one of them out today and I am quite sure they'll last very well just like the older version and most other gel liners I tried from Japanese brands.

GN-1: Beautiful slightly shimmery moss green

BU-1: Gorgeous slightly shimmery royal blue

All in all I'd suggest picking up the gel liners and maybe a Deep Trap Eyes quint.

There are also new lipsticks, mascara and a new color variation of the Line Spicy N quads available.
I want to try some of the lippies but adam doesn't seem to stock them yet =(


birkinbagbeauty said...

I have ordered 2 deep trap eyes as well by adambeauty, the BR2 and the GY1. I see that I need the purple one as well...thank you for the swatches.

I also love kate's gel eyeliner. The green one (I ordered that one as well) is really stunning and such a good texture.

Wombat said...

Definitely will get GY1 and PU color for the deep eyes! thanks for great pics. Did you like glamtrick eyes? I found them quite sheer and a bit glittery- have the well acclaimed BK-1 (the grey/black variaitoin) but it was quite hard to manage..

Anonymous said...

Oooh what caught my eye were the shimmery eyeliners! Wow!

Kathi said...

I love the Glam Trick Eyes and find them very pigmented =) My fave is the green and black one

The Kate liners are indeed great! Especially the mossy green is very "fall" =D

Anonymous said...

I also got the Kate gel eyeliner in Gold, while it is gorgeous shade, i gotta test drive tomorrow on my face. I applied it on my hand, and there was some glitter fall off : (. I would look fabulous under black eyeliner or above black line.

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