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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub & Rose Moisture Mask

Black sugar masks seem to be a hit in Korea. I've seen various brands offering black sugar scrubs (Hanskin, Skin Food etc.) so I finally decided to get one when I saw Skin79's version of it (and it came with a free mini BB Cream, too).

-Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub:
Skin79 claims that the Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub accelerates skin's rejuvenation process. The ingredients are neutral and non-irritating and provide a deep cleansing action. The scrub contains black sugar, honey, olive oil, rice extract, rose oil, macadamia nut oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, cacao extract, lavender water, marigold ad chamomile water.

This is a quite rough thick paste but the sugar granules melt during scrubbing and the oils prevent too much scratching. I massage this about half a minute-1 minute gently into my facial skin (but first wet it a bit) and it gets really super soft.
This smells really yummy, a bit like cereals with honey.
All in all it's worth picking up a jar and using it 1-2 a week for glowy soft skin.

The jar contains 100ml and comes with a little spoon. I take about one spoon full which is not a lot of product so the jar will probably last me several months with 1-2x/week use. I paid around 9000 Won for my pot w/ free BB Cream.

-Rose Moisture Mask - Home Self Spa:
This came as part of a 3-piece set containing the mask, a tube of my beloved Classic Intense UV BB Cream and a lipgloss all for 22000 Won. So it was a very sweet deal.

The box says:
"This smoothing mask makes your skin feel even more moisturized and relieved with an excellent moisturizing effect of Rose ingredient. It is a wash-off type mask with ingredients of leaves of Rose evening out your skin tone and refreshing skin. The Rose aroma enhances pleasantness when using it and extracts from Cucumber and Aloe make your skin feel refreshed.
After cleansing apply a thick layer to the skin avoiding eye and lip area. Rise after 10-15 mins with lukewarm water."

This is a thick sticky gel with a fine rose scent. It feels smooth and cool when I apply this and it's really refreshing. My skin feels soft when using this so I am very pleased with the result.
Comes in a heavy 75ml glass jar with a spoon for hygienic usage.


Pink Sith said...

Wow! The rose mask looks exactly like Fresh Rose Face Mask. Right down to the description and color! Humm.
Thanks for the review! The sugar scrub sounds yummy!

Fifi said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I'd love to try these masks now that there's an indonesian online shop who sells this! :D

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