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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Canmake Gel Eyeliner (and Pop'n Jelly Gloss 07)

As I posted before I am not a real fan of Canmake stuff. Many items are just mediocre (or below) and the general flimsy packaging just turns me off.

That doesn't keep me from trying out new stuff from Canmake and their newest Gel Eyeliner was a definite must-try as I am a fan of gel liners and for below 1000 Yen it's a pretty good deal.

The Gel Eyeliner comes in a very tiny pot (really, I never saw a smaller eyeliner pot!) with a brush hidden in the cap. You just pull out the brush and can attach the back of it back in the cap to have a longer handle. The brush is quite good, similar to Kate's brush but a bit narrower and a bit harder.

Anyway, the gel eyeliner is really great! It glides on smoothly and is creamy and isn't hard or waxy as I had feared. It stays in place without smudging or smearing at all. The brush does a fabulous job so this is a very practical liner to take along for traveling or to keep in the purse for makeup emergencies.

I highly suggest picking up a small pot of this products and for only 924 Yen you can even pick up both colors =) (there is #01 Strong Black which I have and #02 which is a metallic gold)

Along with the Gel Eyeliner I also received one of the new Pop'n Jelly Gloss in color 07.

This is one of the tackiest glosses I ever tried. It's hard to spread but when it's applied it gives a highly glossy shine and stays on my lips really for long time. After some time it sets so the tacky sticky feeling goes away for me.
The color is a pretty sheer rosy color.

Not the most fantastic gloss but it's small and great for throwing in your purse (and it costs only 567 Yen).


Anonymous said...

where did you purchase the eyeliner from?

plue said...

Morning Kathi,

the eyeliner looks great! but msia don't have it yet >_< will have to wait...

reading your reviews always make me wanna buy more! :P


Kathi said...

It's from a friend as i just posted below.
You can get it from

Ah, a shame that you don't get it in Malaysia! Or maybe they're just delaying the release?

plue said...

ichibankao would have mark up the prices unfortunately >_< and it will become way too exp to buy for a DG item...

i hope it's just a delay of the release, i am sure hoping to see this in SG the very least!


Unknown said...

I love this stuff - the can make gel liner! Bought some while in Tokyo and its great. Canmake can be a little hit or miss sometimes BUT when they do a good product they do it well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the recommendation -I went out and bought this from Ichibankao. Such a practical container! I like how it keeps the dust/fluff off the brush when its in your bag. When it's empty, I will probably transfer some of my BB eyeliner into it to carry around in my bag :)

Linh said...

I just stumbled over your blog when I searched after a review of Canmake Gel Eyeliner ^^;;

I have very oily eyelids, I'm afraid of its staying power?

Would you recommand that gel liner? Or maybe another one to me? .__.

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