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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Majolica Majorca Fall 2008: A Girl With Wings

A shame that I haven't posted about one of my favorite Japanese brands Majolica Majorca yet (and I am owing you the brand review I announced long ago!).
In all honesty my love for MM (a drugstore-brand by Shiseido) has cooled down a bit in the previous 1-2 years as I just felt Lavshuca and other brands surpassed MM at some point and there were quite a few unimpressive MM collections released.

Anyway, I am always looking forward to MM's new released hoping there would be something outstanding coming along.
While the Fall collection for 2008 isn't the most impressive it certainly has some pretty items to offer and I picked up 3 of the items (there was a time where I just would purchase the entire collection because I felt I had to collect everything =O)

I am very pleased with the 3 items and would recommend them. I hope MM will come up with an impressive Xmas collection (I am dreaming of a bigger eyeshadow palette with jewel-colored metallics... just dreaming though as I am pretty sure they won't come up with that..hmpf)

The collection is entitled "A girl with wings" and focuses mainly on the eyes. I got all 3 eye products but skipped the 2 new Rouge Majex colors (pale peach and pink didn't seem like must-haves as i have plenty of those colors already).

Firstly there are 2 new Majolook Trick On Eyes quads in the collection. I really like the Trick On Eyes (please click for review) that were just introduced in Spring 2008. I am happy that MM got rid of the useless cream shadow/cream liner they had in their previous quads and replaced it with a powder shade.

GR750: A pretty combination of a rosy beige, olive green, blackened emerald and an ivory Trick On powder. I honestly use the Trick On powder just as a regular highlighter. All colors have a shimmery finish whereas the Trick On Powder has more of an iridescence to it.
The colors in the palette work together beautifully. The blackened emerald and olive green work together surprisingly well.

BR751: A golden mustard, silvery taupe, warm coffee brown and white with pink iridescence. The color combination is honestly awkward. While I really love the silvery taupe which works nicely with the white/pink shade the mustard and coffee are totally off. I find it a bit difficult to work with this palette as the 2 warm and 2 colors just clash a bit.

RRP 1575 Yen/each

There is a new mascara, too. It's called Lash Gorgeous Wing and is supposed to create a feathery lash look. My Holy Grail mascara is from MM (Lash Enamel Glamour Neo) as it's hands-down the best mascara I found until today (and has a comb applicators which is my favorite kind of mascara wand!).
The Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara contains fibers (shorter and longer ones) to add length.

I have to admit that it's a pretty nice mascara. My lashes really look feathery and soft and get a nice deal of length. On the other hand it lacks in the volume department and I prefer voluminizing mascaras as my lashes are already pretty long to start with.
A very important part about mascaras is that they must not weigh-down my lashes as I really hate having stick-straight lashes. I always use curler and base and only use mascaras that keep the curl nicely and the MM Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara keeps the curl perfectly.

My lashes feel soft to the touch, too. (I hate crunchy lashes many waterproof mascaras tend to give).
The mascara is waterproof and needs a good eye makeup remover. I used my Etude House Mascara Remover (a bi-phase one) yesterday and it took the mascara off in a breeze.

I will try a layer of the Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara over my Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara today and I am pretty sure they work together nicely.
RRP is 1260 Yen.


Karelessly in Love said...

Thanks for the review of the mascara. I too love the MM Glamour mascara as I find it's one of the best mascara that holds my curls. I need this one if you say it can hold curls just as well.

Anonymous said...

I have the BR751 palette and I have to say that it works wonderfully on me! The colour scheme looked odd at first, both turned out surprising well. Perhaps it is better suited to warm/neutral skin tones?
After reading your review of the other fall palette, I may just have to pick it up as well. :) Thanks for sharing your reviews, I enjoy reading them!

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