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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer kit (Perfect Lash version)

As you might guess my previous Gmarket order contained a lot of Etude House stuff. I think I have now most of the stuff I am interested from them (and I still want some eyeliners and other small things) and who knows which new things come along!

The only mascara from Etude House I tried was the Vitcara mascara which comes with a comb applicator. I am not that fond of it as it's lengthening, has fibers and just doesn't give any real drama or something so I rarely reach for it.

I was definitely interested in trying another mascara from Etude House so I ordered the new 3 Proof Mascara for 9000 and a lash kit that contains 3 items for 14000 Won.

The kit contains:
-Dr. Mascara Fixer Perfect Lash
-Oh M'Eye Lash Maxivolume Mascara

-Mascara Remover

-pocket mirror
(as gift)

-Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash:

(this has been updated/deleted).
I have to correct myself. My first guess was right that this is a mascara topcoat to volumize, hold the curl and waterproof the mascara. I was a bit confused as I found different descriptions online some stating it's a lash base some stating it's a top coat. The majority says it's a top coat and the name also was the point that made me think it's one. Anyway, i used it both ways and it works lol. It's a good top coat then and holds my curl very well.

-Oh M'Eye Lash Maxivolume Mascara:

This is actually one of the cheapest mascaras I tried recently (only 4000 Won, below US$4!) and it's a pretty good volumizing curl-keeping mascara! I didn't really expect to like this but it's a darn good thing!
My lashes don't feel super soft when I am wearing this but not hard and crispy either. The formula isn't overly wet which I prefer.
This is waterproof so it holds up really well.
RRP 4000 Won

-Mascara Remover:

A bi-phase eye makeup remover. Gets rid of waterproof mascara really quickly without much rubbing. Also this doesn't sting like some other harsher eye makeup removers I tried.
I am pretty satisfied with this!
RRP 4000 Won

As you see the 3 products add to a total of 14000 Won so the kit doesn't save you any money. But you get a free mirror so it's pretty good for me (and after all 14000 Won isn't a lot for 3 great products).

There is also a kit available with the Dr. Mascara Fixer for Natural Lash instead of the Perfect Lash version.


goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

plue said...

The top coat and the mascara seems nice! Might just go get one soon! :D I hope it's available here in msia though!


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