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Saturday, August 30, 2008

BB Creams: Quick comparison III

I compared a total of 17 BB Creams so far, and today I am presenting you 5 more reviews. I actually have reviewed 4 of them already but I personally think it's helpful to see their swatches side by side. I won't go into details as I thoroughly reviewed them already and I will provide you with the links to my reviews.

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1: Cathy Cat Colorist It BB Cream Season 2 SPF10:

I have already reviewed this here.
It's a thick balmy cream with sheer-medium coverage which makes my skin feel super smooth but it's more suitable for colder months due to the thick texture.

2: Cosline Total Sun Base 3 in 1 SPF36 PA++:

I have already reviewed this here.
This is super sheer and has a weird light peachy color. Has good sun protection so it's a decent sun cream but doesn't perform like a real BB Cream.

3: Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream:

This is brand new and I haven't reviewed this yet. I got this together with a BB Pact from Skin79 for around US$13 or so so it was very cheap for me. It comes in a cute light pink squeeze tube with silver butterflies and hearts printed on.
The box says that this products is soothing redness, irritated skin and provides even coverage.
It contains Mulberry and Marigold extract. It's supposed to control oil through their porosity powder and naturally covers blemishes while providing your skin with moisture through added Chlorella extract and Herb Complex.
This BB Cream is formulated for younger girls but hey, even at age 27 I love cute packaging =P
The cream has a light pleasant scent, fresh and slightly fruity. It's a rather thick cream with little bit of a waxy feeling. However the coverage isn't bad (about sheer-medium) and the color match is very good for me.
The squeeze tube has the annoying habit to ooze a bit so the cap gets messy quickly if you don't wipe it after every use.
All in all this is a good basic BB Cream for starters and young girls.

4: Jadilla J Whitening BB Plus SPF30 PA++:

I already reviewed this here.
This is the darkest BB Cream in today's lot of 5 BB Creams but the color match is fine and the coverage is good (about medium). Comes in 2 colors of which I chose #1.

5: Lotree SPF21 BB Primer Tinted Control Base:

I have already reviewed this here.
Lightweight BB Cream with sheer-medium coverage and quite pale color.
Deluxe sample size 16ml

I want to add that none of my BB Creams lasts more than 5 hours (now in the still somewhat hot and sweaty summer weather) unless I set them with a bit of powder or twin/triple cake powder. Then they last pretty much all day long. I think now that the weather starts to turn cool and will stay cold for the next half year it might be not necessary to set the BB Cream.
My face makeup routine currently consists of makeup base, BB Cream, concealer, powder (or triple cake etc.) blush and highlighter and I am very happy with the results.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what kind of base do you wear? I know BB creams claim to be a base, foundation, moisturizer but they don't last very long on me.

Kathi said...

I have a lot of different bases I use like Etude House Pore Erasing Peach Base and Smoothing Peach Base, Hisuri base and others. I also have Missha BB Boomer which is a base specifically for BB Creams but I don't like it

melanie said...

Hey Kathi! What do you use to apply your BB creams? I just got one the other day (plus yours are coming in the mail ;) and I was unsure how to get the best finish. I used my fingers, but do you use a brush, sponge, hands, or what?

Thanks in advance!

Kathi said...

I use my good old fingers but when the cream is distributed I use a patting motion to get a more even and pigmented coverage

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am chinese living in america. It is impossible to find makeup here because all the colors have a pink tinge for caucasians. That's when I found out asians are indeed, yellow.

The problem is, a lot of asian BB cream seem to have pink tinge for caucasian too (maybe try to appeal internationally? lol).
Which bb creams are the most yellow? Thankyou.

Kathi said...

Try Lioele which is more yellow-toned. Most BB Creams are indeed having a pinkish or grayish tinge many ppl probably can't pull off that well

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