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Friday, August 29, 2008

Laneige Fall 2008

Laneige introduced a few very pretty items for Fall 2008 and being a fan of them I decided to pick up the 2 that looked like they would be the prettiest and most flattering with my colorings.

Laneige is sticking faithfully with their "Snow Crystal" theme for some time now and the newest items follow in the same style.

There are 4 items in the collection: 2 eyeshadow trios, a highlighter and blush duo and a face powder.
I picked up one of the eyeshadow trios and the blusher & highlighter combo.

-Snow Magic Box - Eye Shadow:

The cute smooth (=fingerprint city) silver compact has 2 layers, one containing the eyeshadow trio and one with 3 different high quality brushes. There is a brush, a sponge and a dual-ended small pointy sponge and small brush applicator. There is also a small dangling snow crystal attached. So pretty!
This could be such a nice trio if the guys at Laneige wouldn't have totally failed with the lightest color. It has zero pigment and just consist of some scattered glitters which (in my opinion) looks super ugly. Really, I hate that shade. According to Laneige this is just a top coat shade for the 2 other shadows but they could just left this out as it's totally useless for me.
The other 2 shades however are very smooth and nicely pigmented with a fine shimmer finish.

The trio I chose (#01 Magic Silver/Magic Blue/Magic Brown) contains a silver glitter shade, a minty light blue and a very pigmented soft neutral bronze brown.
I purchased this for about US$27.

-Snow Magic Box - Blusher & Brighter:

This has 3 layers but otherwise the packaging is the same.
The first layer contains a highlighter consisting of 3 pastel colors, a blush in the colors orange, pale pink and pink and a compartment with a dual-ended blush-highlighter brush.
The texture of the blush and highlighter is very fine and silky with super fine shimmer. The problem with this is the significant lack of pigment in the blush. As I mentioned before I prefer sheer-medium pigmented blushes but this really is soooo light! After about 10 swipes I get a pretty soft cheek color with a light silky sheen but there is no way to really build up good color. Nonetheless the result is beautiful but I think if you're any darker than NC20 you'll get desperate with the blush.
The highlighter however is gorgeous and quite pigmented and leaves a pretty glow.
All in all a decent product but for the relatively high price-tag it should be better!

I paid about US$35 for mine.

I am a bit disappointed with Laneige's fall collection but the products aren't bad. They just didn't live up to my expectations.

As always there is a leaflet included showing how to wear the products (also in English)


psychedelico13 said...

thank you for the review! i have seen the ads for this collection and was waiting to see if there's a review around :)
the collection is really pretty! love the packaging and really interested in the blush :)

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I was totally disappointed by this collection too after I saw it in person. The level of pigment was just too poor and way below that of the spring collection earlier this year, which I adored.

Kathi said...

I read your review on the fall collection but I already had ordered it, otherwise I probably was to skip at least the eyeshadow trio =) I used another cheek brush which worked better with the blush but still I don´t like much if I have to put a lot of effort to make a certain product work while others just perform perfectly without.
I am glad that I didn´t pay those ridiculous prices some ppl will ask for when it pops up on ebay :D

God is Love :) said...

hi,do u mind to tel me wer did u get those laneige product?cuz the prices of them quite attractive..…………^^ u mind to tel me?^^

Kathi said...

I purchased from Gmarket, sorry i don't remember the seller though!

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