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Saturday, August 30, 2008

VOV haul (Castledew and Color Song)

So far the only items from VOV Castledew I tried were the eyeshadow palettes for super jacked up prices from eBay. Now that Gmarket is my best friend I decided to venture further into that brand as the whole line is quite affordable and cute so definitely worth checking out.

There was also a promotion of the Color Song eyeshadow singles so I picked up 3 of them, too.

When you buy 3 eyeshadow singles (from either the Castledew or Color Song eyeshadow ranges) then you'll get a free trio palette case (nice sturdy case with mirror and applicator) when you purchase from certain sellers. Also the price of the 3 shadows was less than if I would have bought them individually so it was a pretty sweet deal.

-Color Song and Castledew Pearl Up Eyeshadows:

I decided to purchase 3 eyeshadows from the cheapest range called Color Song (which also has the biggest color variety) and 3 from the slightly pricier Castledew Pearl Up Eyes variety.
I have to say it's worth paying the 1 buck more to get the Castledew shadows. They have a very fine silky texture, almost buttery to the touch. They have good pigment and blend really nicely.

The Color Song shadows however have a chalkier texture and 2 of the colors are nearly matte and very sheer. The metallic taupe I picked up is very pretty though.

Color Song Eyeshadows:

9810 White Christmas: Pure matte white with a sheer finish. I actually ordered 9801 which is a pearl off-white =/
7245 Dolls Brown: Beautiful metallic taupe with plummy undertones. Good pigment and silky texture.
7343 Talking Violet: The online swatch looks like a bright cool purple but in reality it's a medium purple with a slightly pearly finish.

Castledew Pearl Up Eyes:

9810 White Mas (?): White with a pearl finish and good pigment.
9245 Dolls Brown: Similar to the Color Song version but has more brown tones. Good pigment and pretty metallic finish.
9838 Castle Black Pearl: Glittery charcoal gray. I don't like the glitters that much and the pigment could be a bit better. Good for outer V definition though.

I paid 7900 Won for the Color Song shadows & case and 10900 for the Castledew shadows & palette.
It seems there are 3 different styles of palette cases available (randomly selected) but I got the same one twice (it's the one I like most anyway)
I ordered 3 of the Castledew Extreme Pearl shadows & free case for 10600 Won from another seller (the other one didn't have the Extreme Pearl shadows) and I am very curious how they'll perform.

-Castledew Chiffon Base:

This comes in the same style of pot like Jill Stuart's Jelly Eyes with the difference that the cap shows the same color as the shadow inside.
This is a strange sponge-y eyeshadow with a soft matte finish and medium pigment. It is similar to Banila Co's Eye Love Marshmallow shadows but it's not so greasy and creases only a bit.

Anyway, I am not loving this and don't know why I insist on trying out those kind of shadows as various brands I tried failed on me.
I paid 6300 Won. Out of the 5 available colors I picked #5 which is a pale purple.

-Castledew Volume Tint Balm:

This comes in the same style pot like Jill Stuart's Jelly Eyes, too. It's a quite thick gloss with a very nice smooth long-lasting finish. It has a light fruity scent and I really love this little balm!

I got color #2 which looks like a hot bubblegum pink in the pot but turns a light pink with a very pearly finish. I'd have preferred a slightly darker pink but it works for me. I will definitely try out #3 (rose) next as this stuff costs only 3100 Won.

-Castledew Over Setting Gloss:

These come in very pretty tubes similar to T'estimo's lip glosses. The texture is smooth and creamy but lasts quite well. My lips look very glossy and full when wearing them. There is a light scent added (reminds me of fruit tea). I am very pleased with both colors I picked as both have decent pigment and a gorgeous shimmery (not glittery) finish.
The applicator is noteworthy as it's a fuzzy doe-foot applicator with a small whole in the middle. I keep seeing those applicators more and more so it seems they're getting popular among cosmetic brands. It does a good job distributing enough gloss evenly.

#12 Topaz Pink (top of the pic): A light peachy pink with fine shimmer.
#28 Midnight Violet: I LOVE this gloss. I have no color like this! It's a cool-toned mauvey rose with golden shimmer.
It seems there are quite a a few glitter shades available and I hope none of the shades I ordered (I couldn't resist picking up 2 more) contains chunky glitters.
I paid 8900 for both glosses which is a steal as this means each gloss cost me about US$4 (add about 1-2 bucks for shipping as I ordered a lot so shipping got quite low per item).
Both glosses come in different boxes. I don't know which one is the newer one =)

Overall I am quite happy with the lippies, the eyeshadows aren't the best but the metallic taupes are worth it for sure!
I'll review my other Castledew stuff once it arrives.

Read here for my thoughts on the Castledew Shirring Eyes and Color Shot Eyes.
And here are my thoughts on VOV Aura Glam Eyes.


miemiemie said...

those look cute! I only have one thing from VOV and it's the cream concealer..

Shalini Naidu said...

how much are these priced at???

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