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Saturday, May 31, 2008

VOV Castledew Color Shot Eyes

is a Korean brand which didn't get a lot of attention from me until recently when I saw their gorgeous makeup line called Castledew.
I had tried this brand 2 years or so ago, ordered some of their Color Song palettes and a couple of trios and they were alright but somehow the packaging was too ugly and cheap looking so I just put them aside and didn't use them.
But as soon as I spotted their Castledew Color Shot Eyes palettes I thought of giving the brand a new try.

I ended up ordering 4 of the eye palettes and they're really gorgeous! The texture of the shadows is quite soft and silky, color pay-off is good, about medium pigment that can be intensified with layering. There is no chunky glitter in the colors, just a pretty soft pearly shimmer.

The compacts are so pretty, they remind me of a cross between Jill Stuart and Kose Esprique Precious.

I believe there are about 6 palettes available. I skipped the pastel and blue colors.

-01 Daring Romance: Pretty and feminine combination of cream, pink, purple and taupe.

-03 White Silver: White, pale pink, light silver and medium silver. The pink could have been a bit more vibrant as it's very similar to the white.

-GD240 Mystic Gold: White, peach gold and dark brown.

-VL330 Midnight Violet: Gorgeous combination of iridescent white/pink, silver, lilac and darker purple.

I paid about US$35/palette on ebay but these retail for less than US$20 in Korea.


serrah! said...

i didn't know that VOV is a korean brand. i thought it is just a local brand here in manila..

hope you could do a review for shu uemura too! :o) I recently checked shu uemura awhile ago and they have a new product which is called Face Arhitect. I'm still thinking of buying this one... =D

Kathi said...

I don't really use a lot of Shu Uemura and most of the items are disappointing. The old formula metallic eyeshadows are their best product in my opinion =)

Anonymous said...

Hi! "The touch of blusher" pointed me to your blog :) I was very interested that you review Korean cosmetics! I live in Russia (very eastern part, so pretty near to Korea) and VOV is very very popular here and I remember it for about 10 years sold here! Only I couldn't find anybody to review it. Now I'm happy to find your blog!!! I have Castledew shadows too, they are singles in frosty blue and pink. I don't like them much though because they don't suit me :))) but as I'm aspiring makeup artist I use them on my models :) May be palettes reviewed by you are better? We have a large shop where you can test all Vov makeup and I'm nearly live there :))))

Kathi said...

I actually already wondered if VOV is popular in Russia since the first sites that come up when you google VOV are Russian sites =D
I really like the palettes and I am happy that they finally found some pretty way to package them =D

Anonymous said...

I saw cream shadows in castledew line as well! But haven't tested them yet, have you?

Kathi said...

No, haven't tried them, sorry! I am not much into cream shadows unless they dry down to a powdery finish but I am generally not too brave ordering ones I don't know!

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