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Friday, May 30, 2008

Esprique Precious Summer 2008

Esprique Precious has become one of my favorite Japanese brands recently. It's a brand under cosmetics giant Kose and offers great quality @ rather affordable prices.

I have to admit that most Kose items in the past were an utter disappointment. Most of the items from Kose's super High-End line Cosme Decorte and from their cheaper lines Visee and Luminous weren't really above mediocre quality-wise. But I also have to admit that Kose's overall quality has dramatically improved. It started with Jill Stuart (also a Kose brand) and their newer Visee palettes called "Jewel Crush Eyes" released last year for summer.

Esprique Precious is a brand that has been around for longer, but until last year they only offered base makeup. Since they started introducing Point Makeup to their line it has become appealing to me.

Honestly Esprique Precious looks like Beaute de Kose's small pink sister. The design of the items is quite similar but Esprique looks trendier and more appealing.

The summer collection consists of the following newest items:

-Glamorous Glossy Eyes: A cream eyeshadow duo that comes with a lighter and a darker color that match perfectly. The finish is a very luminous metallic shimmer. Those are waterproof and budge-proof. I applied swatches to the back of my hand and despite washing my hands several times that day and taking a shower in the evening the colors were still fresh and vibrant. I had to take the swatches off with eye makeup remover.
There are 5 colors available. I picked BR31 (cream/chocolatey taupe) and PU10 (light and medium lavender).

-Glitter Lash: This comes in 3 shades and is Limited Edition. I purchased the purple version (SP002). It's a very glittery purple mascara with a comb applicator. It's waterproof and takes some scrubbing to remove it. I think this can safely be skipped.
This is also available in pink and orange.

-Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner: I love the Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliners. I have BK002 which is the most gorgeous glittery purple-gray (yea right, it's NOT matte). For summer they released 2 new colors, a bright pink and *drumroll* a gorgeous not overly bright aqua (BL901). I simply love the aqua shade and was so excited to see a pot liner in this color! Both colors are Limited Edition and are absolutely budge-and waterproof.
This also comes with a great quality eyeliner brush!

I purchased these online from but I see them available on, too!

2 comments: said...

I bought the same blue liner as you and the pink (love that) but of the glossy eyes I bought the cooler toned brown and the pink.

I really love them, its amazing how 'glossy' they look but they did crease a bit on me :/

Kathi said...

The duo I have is actually the cooler brown, the other duo BR30 looks more golden to me but sure online swatches can be misleading.
I didn't have a problem with creasing, I find once the color dries it sets really well and didn't budge at all =D

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