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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Skin Food Banana Yogurt Mask Wash Off

Along with my most recent order from Korea I received one of Skin Food's regular Wash Off face masks. I am a devoted to sheet masks but I am always open for new things so the Banana Yogurt Mask Wash Off ended up in my shopping cart.

The mask comes in a simple 100ml pot and it smells heavenly of bananas and slightly sour like yogurt. It's a very smooth gel-cream type of formula that spreads easily and I find a little goes a long way so the pot will probably last me for a good amount of time.

It's a softening and moisturizing mask which isn't harsh at all (I can't use any of the LUSH fresh masks as all those start burning on my skin and leave red patches on my cheeks...ugh!). My skin feels revitalized and soft after washing the mask off.
The Banana Yogurt mask is listed under the "Luster"-masks on the Skin Food website.

I paid about US$16 on ebay but I am pretty sure it retails for less than half in Korea.

8 comments: said...

I am really tempted to buy this mask! and also the Black sesame one which is pore cleansing, I think. Sesame or Banana, Sesame or Banana?

I noticed that they have a cheese mask too! I'm not brave enough to try that one! :)

Kathi said...

Hehe, I have seen the Creamy Cheese Mask, too but feel a bit wary about it, too =D I don't wanna smell like Philadelphia...though probably it smells lovely and is a great product =P
I am going to order the Royal Jelly mask next and a bunch of Sheet Masks =)

Anonymous said...

i've tried the cheese mask, i don't find it smelling like cheese, i just find the cheese mask rather sticky.
I got some similar masks last year when my sister went to Korea, i think it was around 10 US for a bottle of mask.

Kathi said...

Thanks for your input! Sticky doesn't sound interesting though! But good it doesn't smell like cheese, lol!

serrah! said...

Hi Kathi, it's interesting that you're into Skin Food Product line... We have Skin Food here in Manila but I think The Face Shop is popular here (speaking of Korean brands per se). But since you have nice review for Skin Food I think I should try it too!! :o) Thanks for sharing!

Kathi said...

it's definitely worth to give a try to Skin Food =) Sure like in every brand some things won't be good but the products I tried so far seem really nice!

A Potful of Love said...

I bought this mask too! Along with black sugar mask. bought it online at, it's much cheaper and delivery was very fast :)

Tira Misu said...

Thanks for the review! I got red skin which is dry sometimes as well plus, I love bananas. =D I will get this mask at eBay, too. ^^

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