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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Skin Food Apple & Pineapple Gift Set

The Skin Food Apple & Pineapple Gift Set was a pleasant and unexpected extra in my most previous haul package from Korea. I love being able to try out things without actually purchasing them first.

The Apple & Pineapple Gift Set is a set for your face and hands.

-Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam: A quite thick jelly like washing gel which supposedly removes old skin cells to leave your skin glowy and soft
-Apple Vinegar Cleansing Gel Cream: Has the same benefits as the Fresh Foam but is a more moisturizing washing cream for drier skin-types.
-Gold Apple Hand Balm (Fresh Type): A smoothing hand treatment that leaves my hands soft and moisturized.
All Apple items have a very light apple scent, but not overpowering.

-Pineapple Peeling Gel: A light gel-like emulsion with very fine peeling beads.
-Pineapple Repair Cream: A lightweight gel-cream that seems to moisturize my facial skin really well. It feels very pleasant on my skin.
The Pineapple items carry a very fine fresh scent, not much pineapple but more of a soft herbal fragrance.

I don't know the RRP of this but I found it online selling for US$10-15.
It's not written on the tubes how much product they contain. I think it's 10-15ml each.


Anonymous said...

your reviews are so detailed and great! where do you purchase your korean & japanese cosmetics? which sites? thanks for the information!!

serrah! said...

hi lotus place! just visiting your page and i think it's indeed very nice! I'm glad to check a beauty blogger who is interested of venturing out japanese / korean makeups! :o) thumbs up for you! By the way, have you tried The Face Shop? This one is from Korea too! Hope you could check it and I can't wait to see a review from you. Thanks!

Kathi said...

Hi Pikko311:
I purchase most of my Japanese makeup from adambeauty and
Most of my Japanese body and hair care is from ebay seller japanbeautyproduct.
My Korean makeup is mainly from ebay seller ipinkorea, some other smaller ebay stores and for Laneige and some Etude House I generally visit (this is the place I also get my CL masks from)

Hi Sassysarah,
I have tried a few items from The Face Shop but that was quite some time ago. I saw they have a pretty baked blusher and some eyeshadow duos and trios I'd like to try!

And thanks girls for your kind words =D I am so happy to find some people like my blog =)

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