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Friday, May 30, 2008

Etude House Peach collection

I received more items from the Peach collection. Please read here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Etude House is a really cute makeup line made in Korea and if I am not falsely informed it's made by Amore Pacific, the same company that produces Laneige.

They have a vast selection of products and I have to say I am especially fond of their Moistfull skin care (will review later) and their Orgel Light makeup range.

For Spring 2008 they released a huge selection of peach-themed makeup items incl. various face primers, a Skin Pact, eyeshadow palettes, glosses, cheek colors and other stuff. Everything looked so cute I just had to go ahead and order a good chunk of the collection for myself.

I think even the boxes the items are packed in are adorable. It's guaranteed I'll not toss them! =)

As I mentioned above there are several makeup primers in this collection. There is the Pore Erasing Peach Paste, Pore Tightening Peach Mousse and Pore Smoothing Peach Base. The Paste comes in the colors peach and mint, whereas there is only a peach colored mousse. The Smoothing base comes in lavender and mint.

I got the Pore Erasing Peach Paste in peach and the Smoothing Peach Base in mint. Both are great primers.

The Pore Erasing Peach Paste has a really thick texture. There is an enclosed spatula in the box which is really useful. I suggest warming a bit of the product on the back of your hand and smoothing it out a bit with your fingers to be able to evenly distribute it on your face. I find the base is really mattifying and gives a smooth and even canvas for the following foundation. It's not drying and feels a bit silicone-y on. I think it contains silicones but I can't read Korean so can't say if it's really in the formula.

The Pore Smoothing Peach Base is a cream-type base in a hygienic pump dispenser. It's quite moisturizing and does a great job at evening out my skin. I chose the mint color because my skin is generally a bit reddish and green is the best color to counteract that.

One of the star items in the collection is the Peach Skin Pact. It's a baked-type powder that gives sheer coverage and a luminous glowy sheen to the skin. It comes with a small puff but I love dusting this with a big fluffy face powder brush over my foundation. The glow it gives is just gorgeous! I don't know if there is more than 1 color. The one I have says #1 Peach Bloom so maybe there is a #2? The color is suitable for the fairest skin tones. I am super pale (about NW15 in MAC or OC-00 in Maquillage's foundation range) and the powder works perfectly for me. I would say the color #1 is best suited for fair-light skinned people from about NC/NW15-25.

Next item I'll review is the Peach Beam Blusher. It's a baked-type blush/highlighter duo that gives a very shimmery/metallic finish. I have 2 of the 3 available colors and they're rather sheer and light. I love the glowy finish these gives though! The colors I got are #1 Pink Beam and #2 Berry Beam.

The Peach Cheek Blushers are a very interesting product. They're like stamps for your cheeks. You get a small jar with a sponge attached to the cap and the blush pan is in the cover. You just dab the stamp on your cheek and blend. It really works well and the 5 colors available look all very soft and pretty. I got 3 colors: #1 Shy Pink, #2 Smile Pink and #3 Happy Pink.

The item I was craving most when i spotted the collection was their eyeshadow palette selection. There are 4 quads available out of which I chose 3. The texture is very sheer and a bit crumbly and normally I'd be disappointed but I am currently loving the sheer shimmery look for summer so I quite like the quads. The darkest shade in each palette is the most pigmented one and can be used as a subtle liner or to define the crease area.
The colors I have are #2 (Peach Pink), #3 (Green Orange) and #4 (Pink Purple).

The Peach Water Glosses are pretty sheer glosses that leave a slightly cooling sensation when applied. They're on the slippery/thin side so they are comfortable to wear but need constant touch-ups. They have a yummy peach scent like most of the collection.
The colors are from top to bottom: #1 Watermelon Water, #2 Strawberry Milk, #3 Plum Water, #5 Peach Milk.

There are also a bunch of Peach Collection colors from the Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips lipstick series. I got only 1 color #11 Bubble Shine and I am disappointed with the bright neon pink color. It looked like a lovely peachy pink color in online swatches but in real life it's really a bubblegum pink.

The last item I have is the Nail Polish and it's my least favorite item out of the lot. It comes in a really adorable little bottle but the color I got (#40) is an odd lavender with purple shimmers throughout. I just don't care so much for the color.

As mentioned above most items carry a soft peach-scent which is truly lovely. I can recommend most of the collection. If you just want to try out a few items I'd suggest one of the bases, the Peach Skin Pact and a Cheek stamp.


Patti said...

Everything in that line looks so pretty! You're so lucky to be able to find these kinds of things. We USA girls can only hope to see this here. Congrats on your blog, this was a pretty way to get started!

Kathi said...

I don't have access here to those items either so I have to order everything online! I wish I had an Etude store here, too! =D

Anonymous said...

are you going to try any more of the lipstick from the collection?

Kathi said...

Probably yea. The Orgel Light lipstick range looks pretty and maybe I'll try the lipstick in #13 or 14 from the Peach collection.

Anonymous said...

where online can I buy this collection?

acutelife said...

where can you buy etude online??like the whole bunch that you showed here?

Kathi said...

I purchased most on ebay. You can find the whole collection there

EnOn said...

is there anyway that we are able to purchase it directly instead of ebay... i went to etude website but can't think of a way to order.... all in korean....

Lucy said...

Hi Kathi How do you feel about the Pore Erasing Peach Paste in peach now? I'm currently using the SKINFOODS aloe BB cream in 1. I'm pretty fair with some yellow tone but pretty pasty. Could these two be used in combination?

Kathi said...

Yea, I think they could be used together. I don't see why not =)
I still love the peach base as it really smooths out my skin so it makes a great base.

lady's room said...

i love this collection, especially pore smothing peach base #1 mint. it's verry soft, and make my skin glowing..

Gulnoz said...

Wonderful blog and very good reviews. Thanks a lot! After your posts i decided to look more carefully at korean cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

I thought the nail polish looked really beautiful in the picture, but I guess it's not as good as it looks. Great post though! Wish we had an EH here!

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