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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box vs. Kanebo Twany Glamacy Eye colors in BR04, IV-01, WT-01

I've been more into neutrals the previous months. I used to be the super bright eye makeup girl for a few years but right now I prefer a neutral polished look most of the time (which doesn't mean that I am not occasionally in the mood for bright shadows like the new Lunasol quad!)

Kanebo revamped their Twany line a few months ago and released a new brand called Twany Glamacy which offers a small selection of rather muted and neutral makeup colors good for a professional look.
If you want to purchase one of their eyeshadow trios you have to buy 3 colors individually and put them in the eyeshadow case (also sold separately). I like this system as this way you end up with colors you picked yourself and you're going to like most probably.

You're supposed to pick an accent eyecolor (there are 5 different browns), an UE (Under Eye color) and a UB (under brow color). There are 2 UE and 2 UB colors to choose from.
I picked the eyecolor in BR04, UB color in IV-01 and UE color in WT-01.

Last week I received a package from Korea that contained Skin Food's Sugar Bloom Shadow Box in #2 Brown. When I opened the box I was surprised to find that it actually looks a lot like the Twany Glamacy eyeshadow trio I had ordered a few months ago.

The Twany case is
a simple midnight blue shiny compact with a mirror and 2 applicators included. It's simple and doesn't wow me really.

The Skin Food compact is a super cute Vintage-style metal box which reminds me of one of those old bonbon boxes from the 19th century. It also has a mirror and a simple applicator included.

Texture and colors:
The Twany Glamacy colors are quite pigmented with pretty soft shimmery finish. I use the darkest color in the crease, the UE color on my lids and below eyes and the UB color under my brows.
The result I can achieve is indeed really pretty and polished.
The brown is a warm taupe, a pale pinky peach (WT-01) and a soft ivory (IV-01).

The Skin Food eyeshadows are also soft and pigmented with a soft pearly metallic look but very little shimmer. I also have to say that the taupe shade in the Skin Food trio is cooler and more flattering for me.
The colors are peach, light yellow ivory and cool taupe.

The Glamacy trio gets really expensive if you buy the case and 3 individual colors. You pay 1260 Yen/eyeshadow and 1680 Yen for the case. So you'll end up paying over 5000 Yen (just below US$50) for your trio.

The Skin Food trio is quite cheap, it runs for under US$9 (costs 8500 Won in South Korea) so it's a steal.

And the Winner is:
Definitely the Skin Food trio. The packaging is cuter, the colors are better, the texture is as good as the Twany trio and the price is way cheaper.

The Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box is also available in #1 Sweet which looks like a bit odd color combination of orange, lilac and white.


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