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Friday, May 30, 2008

Etude House Moistfull Special Set

I've been a loyal user of Olay Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Fluid for the previous 3-4 years but felt it didnt' really improve my skin. It was just a good moisturizer in the point that it didn't cause irritations or break-outs. Recently I got some samples with an ebay purchase from Korea and one of them was a small sachet of Etude House Moistfull Water Jelly Essence. I tried it at night and when I woke up my skin was super soft and smooth.

I quickly searched ebay and found a set containing the full size of the Moistfull Water Jelly Essence and deluxe sample sizes of the matching toner and lotion. I purchased the set for around US$24 incl. shipping which didn't seem too much for me.

Moistfull Water Jelly Essence comes in a heavy 50ml glass jar. It is really full to the brim of this pure smooth moisture gel-cream. I have to admit that the Essence can be a bit sticky when I apply too much but when I use just a bit my skin gets so soft and supple.

I also use the toner before and a bit of the lotion after the Essence and my skin feels just great all day (and night) long.
The toner has an interesting texture, like a very liquid gel if that makes sense. The lotion is a very moisturizing light fluid that feels very pleasant upon application.

All items have a light fragrance but it's not bothersome at all. My sensitive skin can tolerate all products really well.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Kathi! :)

I'd like to know whether the toner and lotion gave good results like the essence. 'Cause I was thinking of purchasing it since Etude House just opened it's first store here in Malaysia just a few days ago! And it's a ten minute walk from where I live. 8D I'm so happy~ X3 The store is so cute! I got a free comb from them each time I went there, and I went there three times already, so I got three of them combs now, lol. Want one? :D

Oh, you were right about the nail polish #37. It's so pretty! I tested it out there and fell in love with it. I'm definitely gonna get that, along with some other stuff, so I'm saving up. I hope I can get my hands on them soon. X3

Kathi said...

The toner and lotion are alright but the outstanding product for me is the Jelly Essence.
I also like the Face Mist as it really moisturizes and refreshes in the same time =D
So jealous that you have an Etude House store near you =D
I got an Etude House comb and mirror, too =D Seems they're quite generous with them =D

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay. Thanks! :) By the way, Have you tried their masks before? Is it any good?

Kathi said...

i only tried the O2 sheet mask and not that good in my opinion. I have a moistfull mask sheet at home but haven't tried it yet.
So maybe they have some nice masks but I haven't tried them (yet =P)

engel-eris said...

I had the chance to view your blog for the very first time ever since I had a blink opportunity to be aware and interested with Etude House's products. Most of the bloggers I've read on reviews and comments for this products mentioned you so I became curious.
I turned up several pages more and finally found you, then I read all your reviews about EH's products and felt it to be different from my skin type and, being born stubborn and (annoyingly) naive, I went to try EH's products (all for the oily skin type) and I went becoming totally devastated. Every product that you found 'too harsh', 'results are indifferent' and 'aren't rich enough' did the same to me. I so regret not noting which of the EH products are mild. Only a week after have I found the exact same results (then after finding out for myself my skin is actually normal-dry/normal-oily combination. My oily T-zone went dry and acne broke out, and the rest of my face felt irritatingly dry.
In the end, I'd have to go back to your blog and (this time) noting every detail you've said and, now, I've finally started to love my skin again. Thank you SO much for your blog. Hope you'll continue reviewing on cosmetics. it's definitely saving me a lot...^^,

Cn2ble said...

Hi! ♥
Can you please tell me the ingredients that the lotion has? specifically i want to know if it whether has dimethicone or not. I'm considering to buy it but i'm afraid that it will have Dimethicone so i really hesitate to buy it. Please answer me through this email:
Thank you ♥

Cn2ble said...

Can you please tell me the ingredients that the lotion has? specifically i want to know if it whether has dimethicone or not. I'm considering to buy it but i'm afraid that it will have Dimethicone so i really hesitate to buy it. Please answer me through my email. Thank you ♥

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