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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kanebo Lavshuca Summer 2008

The collection released by Lavshuca is one of the most exciting releases this year in my opinion. It's a small but gorgeous collection of beautiful summer goodies!

The heart of the collection are the 2 eyeshadow palettes called Summer Gradually Compact. There is neutral (in a golden case) and a cool palette (in a silver case) and both are equally pretty! Some of the colors are metallics and there is 1 glitter shade and 1 matte defining color in each palette.
When you purchase the palette the case is empty and you have to put in the trays with the eyeshadows yourself so you can mix and match or fill the case with other items later.

-01 Shiny Sand Beach: A beautiful array of neutrals for a polished summer look.
This comes in the golden case. Contains a glittery gold, warm copper, light cream ivory, taupe beige, neutral chocolate and matte muddy brown. When I saw the first pics I was convinced this would be too warm to wear but the palette is pretty neutral so it's very pretty even on cool-toned ppl like me.

-02 Windy Aqua Beach: Comes in the silver case. Contains a glitter silver, light seafoam green, ivory (a bit lighter than the one in 01), medium blue with a touch of green (it's not a baby blue but not an aqua either), medium fresh blue and muddy brown matte shade (same color as in 01).

All colors are quite pigmented and blend beautifully. The metal cases are lightweight but sturdy. Each palette with 5.5 g retails for around US$18 so it's a good deal for 6 high-quality eyeshadows.

-Rouge Essence Bar: There are 2 new shades for the summer, I got PK-4 which is a gorgeous muted natural pink with a satin finish and good pigment compared to the other Lavshuca Rouge Essence Bar colors.
Costs around US$15/each.


Anonymous said...

I really wanted this when it came out, but my sister left Taiwan about a week before it got to the stores. I wonder if I should get this, or just wait for next year's summer collection. What do you think?

JooChean said...

Hi I'm from Malaysia Penang.I'm keep searching this brand in Malaysia but I couldn't found it, still.Do you have any idea where or anyway can I grab it?Thx.
Nice blog for the ladies.

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