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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etude House Peach Collection: Addition =)

I posted already about the Etude House Peach Collection earlier but ever since I received 2 more items and here is my review on them.

First I wanna present you the Peach Tint Blusher in #3 Watery Pink.
I own some cream and gel blushes but honestly hardly ever use them. So I hesitated for some time before I finally gave in and ordered the Peach Tint Blusher.
I have to say I am happy I got it as it's a really pretty little item. The box says: "Supplies cheeks with moisture coating for a peachy complexion. Dual applicable to lip and cheek for tint."
So this is a tint to be used on cheeks and lips. I don't use lip tints so I just use this as a blusher though.

The tint feels slightly cool upon application and for a short time afterwards and the color is sheer but buildable. I swipe it across each of my cheeks for about 2-3 times and then blend with my fingers and really like the shimmery dewy result it delivers. I use this on top of my powder (most cream/gel blushes get streaky this way so I apply them before powder) and it goes on absolutely smooth and it's a breeze to spread it evenly.

There is also a red and an orange tint. The red (#1 Watery Rose) looks interesting and I will probably get it some time soon. I think this would be more suitable for darker complexions as the pink tint might be a bit too light to make a decent blush.

Like most of the Peach Collection items this has a soft peach scent I really like.

The other item I got is the Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips in #14 Strawberry Milk.
After being really disappointed with the bright bubblegum pink of #11 (read in the original post about the Peach Collection) I am now delighted that I have found a wearable soft pink shade. I have generally a bit bad luck with Korean lipsticks as many of them are too warm or bright and the online swatches are generally totally off.
It's not a super moisturizing lipstick but the color is pretty and the peach scent is really yummy.

I paid around US$20 for each product incl. shipping. Retail in Korea is quite a bit lower though.


Anonymous said...

does the blush have any shimmer?? it looks like it does in the picture.

Kathi said...

yea and it's mentioned in the review!

Gold.Vanity said...

US$20! why not try to source for someone who can CP for you at a much lower price... They're much cheaper in korea!
I've most of the peach collection too... I like the lipstick and pore erasing base, but somehow the peach pact isn't doing anything for me, i've been trying to make it work but it leaves this weird grey cast..
Do u use a sponge or brush for that?

Kathi said...

I have tried to ask several girls for CPs from Korea but always was declined so my only choice is buying online right now.
I apply the peach pact with a sponge and really love it. It turns lighter than it looks in the pan so I can understand why it leaves a gray cast.
I never use sponges to apply powder products as it seems to make them go unevenly and blotchy

Ya said...

does the lipstick looks nice?
i see it like little bit discolored.. u know, not really attractive, not really looked out

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