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Monday, June 2, 2008

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Canmake Four Shiny Eyes

Canmake is a very affordable drugstore brand in Japan that offers a huge selection of products.

I am not really a fan of Canmake makeup though. There are some products I love and use on a regular basis e.g. their Shiny Underliner for Eyes which is one of my staple inner rim highlighting eyeliner (3 colors: peach, pink and white available) but the overall quality of the whole line is mediocre so you get what you pay for.

For Summer 2008 they released a pretty line of eye palettes called Four Shiny Eyes with a compact that doesn't look as flimsy as the other eyeshadow cases. I am not fond of Canmake's eyeshadows in general but I thought it's really cheap (costs just around US$6 in Japan however I paid US$13 shipped from ichibankao) and the color combination in 02 Choco Mint (white/light green/light aqua/dark greenish brown) looked fresh and pretty for summer so I ended up ordering it.

The pigment is sheer-medium but can be built up a bit. I layered each color 2-3 times and achieved a pretty but not overly bright greenish aqua look. The darkest shade is a bit more pigmented than the other 3 but for me it's not strong enough as a liner so I use the darkest color in the crease.
The shadows are very shimmery and have some fine glitter throughout.
You need to dig a bit into the shadow with your brush or sponge applicator to pack pigment so there is a small dent in the shadows quickly.
Texture-wise it's not silky nor overly soft but has a slightly creamy feel. It's very hard to describe honestly but I like it.
The shadow doesn't really fade much and I have no problems with creasing so it's good in the point for me.

There are 2 more colors available: 01 Strawberry Chocolate (pinks/brown) and 03 Milk Chocolate (brown tones).

Overall this is a nice little addition to my makeup stash, it's a good pick when you travel as it's a very small palette and replacing it doesn't cost too much in case you lose it or it gets damaged.

You can read what Canmake has to say about this product by clicking here.


Beauty Addict said...

Hi Kathi, I'm gracie from Singapore :) Awesome blog u've got here :) I love the Canmake palette. Very usable, glittery and pretty colours! :)

Keep up on your blog. Love to see more of your reviews coming in :)

Kathi said...

more reviews coming up soon! I wanna do some brand reviews =)

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