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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Skin Food haul: Mushroom BB cream & more

Today my eagerly awaited Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ arrived.
It delivers a "Triple Function: Whitening, Anti-Aging and Sunblock" besides the usual benefits of BB cream (healing properties and light skin coverage).

For those unfamiliar with BB cream just a little info:
BB cream (BB = Blemish Balm or Beblesh Balm for some brands) is the biggest hit in Korea right now and the trend is spreading to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
BB cream initially was developed by German dermatologists for people recovering from facial laser surgeries. Soon Korean actresses started using BB cream as it improves skin texture and simplifies makeup routine as the BB cream is supposed to be your skin care, primer and foundation in one.
With daily use BB cream supposedly improves your overall skin texture.

Many brands are carrying BB creams now. It usually comes in a light-medium color, some brands like MISSHA and Skin Food have 2 shades to choose from (#1 for lighter skin and #2 for darker skin tones). They come in every price range and some of the most popular brands seem to be Dr. Jart, Hanskin, Skin79, BRTC, Etude and others. Some brands have BB creams for oily or dry skin types and there are also shimmery ones available.

I tried the Mushroom BB cream and the color #1 seems fine. It's a quite thick texture though so I think I'll better use this in winter as right now summer starts and I generally use a lighter foundation.
Coverage isn't too great but it evens out the skin tone a bit. I'll not skip concealer and powder though.
Skin Food also have an Aloe BB cream and a Green Ginko BB cream in their range. I think Aloe is lighter textured and probably more suited for summer whereas the Green Ginko is for oilier skin types.

I also purchased the Choco Eyeline Jam in black and the Honey Glossy Rouge in #362 Sugar Jelly. The lipstick seems to be a pretty coral pink but a bit sheer so it seems very wearable to me. The liner is a dark matte black.

I received a bunch of samples:


Linda C said...

Hi! Where would I order skinfood from? I live in San Francisco, California. thanks!

Kathi said...

I purchased them from ebay seller ipinkorea. She ships worldwide!

Linda C said...

Thanks Kathi! I was also looking at the Skin Food Masks. They are really tempting!

gnik said...

Hi Linda and Kathi,

I am Gnik from Singapore. I am currently in Korea for exchange programme and i also ship skinfood products ( or any products in korea) to different countries worldwide. You can reach me at imgnik[at]gmail if you want further details. Cheers!

Kimberly said...

ooo awesome blog entry about mushroom bb cream -- i've been looking on line for reviews, because I'm on the fence about purchasing it finally for myself... how's the scent???

Kathi said...

The scent is super strong and overpowering. This was my first BB Cream and I found much better ones so far =P

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