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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Etude House Princess Cake Fragrance

While searching around on ebay I found a pretty little item called Princess Cake Fragrance from Etude House.
It was quite cheap (US$9 or so) and I wanted to buy a mascara from that seller anyway, so I decided to give the perfume a try, too.

Now Cake Fragrance sounds quite interesting but after all it's a normal solid perfume in a cream base.

The Princess Cake Fragrance comes in a cute little pink box and is filled into a little glass jar with a pink cap. It's the same jar they use for their Orgel Light Gel eye liners. Really too cute!
The description says: "Funky pinky princess... Crunchy Fruity Floral".

The scent reminds me a lot of D&G Light Blue or Canmake Make Me Happy (in the light blue bottle) but the solid Etude version has a slight sharp additional note that can cause me a headache. I am VERY sensitive to fragrances and this sure smells good but I am always risking a headache =(

On me the Princess fragrance lasts quite long. I can still smell it after some hours of application but it doesn't last as long as most of the regular spray EdTs I am using.

All in all this is definitely a nice fragrance, great for travelling as it's a solid and really cute in its princessy little pot.

I have seen a very cute spray version of this on ebay but I can't order it since it's not allowed to import any liquid perfumes by mail here (I did before but don't want to risk a fine). I can order about anything else available but no liquid perfumes =(


Taryn said...

Your blog is easily going to become one of my favorites! I just love Korean and Japanese cosmetics and am so glad to have found your site from Rouge Deluxe. :D

Would you mind sharing the name of your ebay seller? I'd love to order some of the products you're featuring.

Thank you!

Kathi said...

Hi Taryn,
I purchased the Etude House Cake fragrance from koreasisters, a seller in Hong Kong =)
The other Korean stuff is from ipinkorea, a very friendly seller who's generous with samples but the prices are quite high considering the retail prices in Korea. Some of the items are still cheaper than their retail prices in e.g. Singapore though (e.g. the Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream costs about US$48 in Singapore but only half in ipinkorea's ebay shop)

Taryn said...

Thanks, Kathi. I will have to place an order with ipinkorea, it looks like. I was putting it off because her prices are kind of high, but that Etude peach base is calling my name.

Keep up the great work on your blog!

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