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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What's in your purse?

Some of the most fun posts on MUA are when ladies post the contents of their makeup bags they carry with them. You can see whole stashes of makeup and wonder if the owner doesn't suffer from constant shoulder pain lol.

Here I am showing you what I carry with me all the time (plus add to the contents the lip products I am wearing that day):

-Tiffa lip balms in Moist and UV
-Lunasol Lip Essence
-Sala Body Powder Spray purse size
-Charmmy Kitty hand cream
-Inoui ID Blotting Papers
-K-palette 24h liner
-Majolica Majorca eyebrow duo powder & pencil
-Canmake Color Stick yellow
-Majolica Majorca Pressed Fantasia 24h
-Shiseido sample sized mascara
-Lavshuca sample sized lipgloss
-Maquillage lip liner pencil
-Majolica Majorca Majovital
-SANA Maikohan Green Tea Balm
-Maquillage pocket mirror
-IPSA makeup bag

7 comments: said...

I love this post! And I am glad there is someone else who carries more than three items around with them :) - well, you never know if Brad Pitt is going to ask you out on a date there and then, do you?!

I always try and nosy at what other girls around carry in their bags or use for touch ups, but sadly nothing interesting. If someone pulled out a Jill Stuart compact I'd go and hug them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathi,

can you tell me what the sala body spray smell like? I'm thinking about buying it on ebay =)

Kathi said...

It has a fresh smell, like lemon.
I read someone described the scent as "dishwashing detergent" and honestly that could be true. I love the smell though lol

Anonymous said...

what does the charmkitty hand cream smell like?

Kathi said...

A very light typical hand cream smell. Sorry, I am very bad at describing scents =)

wen said...


ohh! ure the first person ive seen to use tiffa's lipbalm!
ive always wanted to try it!
are they both gd?

TIA =))

Kathi said...

Yes, they're pretty good in my opinion! Very moisturizing and unfragranced which is always great. And pretty cheap, too =D

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