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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skin Food Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil & Milk Mania Cleansing Foam

While I am a faithful user of FancL's Mild Cleansing Oil (MCO) and Washing Powder for over 3 years now I decided to get a cleansing oil (to remove makeup) and a facial cleanser (for morning and after the cleansing oil at night) from Skin Food as they seemed to have pretty cute items to try out.

I decided to go for the Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil & Milk Mania Cleansing Foam.

Honey Black Tea Cleansing Oil:
This is a very liquid oil (FancL's is slightly viscous) that has a very soft and pleasant scent (a bit like baby powder with honey?). It's a bit on the greasy side and needs some time to wash off. It removes my makeup thoroughly and leaves my skin very soft. I couldn't use this cleansing oil without another cleanser afterwards though as it can leave a slight film on my skin. Overall FancL's MCO is definitely better as it's unfragranced, not greasy and leaves my skin feeling very clean.
Retails for 7700 Won/170ml. Comes in a hygienic plastic bottle.

Milk Mania Cleansing Foam:
This is a thick white gel that lathers up to a beautiful rich foam. The gel has a very light sweet milky scent and it really leaves my skin feeling clean. It can be slightly drying if I use too much/rub my face too long but that also depends on my skin condition that day. Overall I find the Milk Mania foam more convenient than the washing powder and I love the rich creamy foam it makes.
Retails for 6300 Won/150ml. Comes in a hygienic squeeze tube.


dawn. said...

Hey! Discovered ur blog from Rouge Deluxe! ^^ And after reading ALL ur post [which I truly LOVE btw]...
I wanted to ask you to recommend your favourite lipstick/gloss and a versatile eyeshadow?
As I'm still young, it'll be my first time wearing lipstick, so I was hoping for a glossy, longlasting, shiny lipstick! But dunno which one to choose from.. SO MANY brands!
Which is ur favourite mask as well huh?

Btw, where are you located? How did you get ur hands on so many korean and japan make up and skincare!

Sorry to ask so many questions.. but with ur wide usage of different brands, i jus can't resist myself from asking! ^^

Kathi said...

Hi Dawn,
I am glad you like my blog =)
Usually it's hard to find a lipstick that's glossy and longlasting.
I'd highly recommend checking out the Shiseido Maquillage lipsticks, especially the Color Fix Climax and Sheer Climax range. Also the new Kate lipsticks reviewed in my Kate summer 2008 post are great!
If you want a versatile eyeshadow palette with basic neutral colors I'd recommend the Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box in #2, Coffret D'or Deep Trance Eyes in #5 and Kate Line Spicy N in GY-1 (all in the taupe range). If you prefer warmer browns you should definitely give a try to the Lavshuca Summer Gradually compact in Sandy Beach (the golden one) which makes a great basic quad. Please note that all those palettes are shimmery and I don't really know lots of matte ones.
I am in Austria and have to purchase everything I get online =)

dawn. said...

Thanks for your insightful information! ^^
As I'm an Asian, with a fair-medium skintone, would those eye shadow you recommended be suitable for me?
LOL. I overlook that part to include in my question!


Kathi said...

I think those should all be suitable for you. After all Japanese and Korean makeup is developed for Asian skintones so it should suit you.

Unknown said...

Aha! Cleopatra supposedly used milk as a beauty treatment didn't she?

If its good for her then its good for me!!

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