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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etude Marbleade (Baked Blushes & Highlighters)

Updated to add review on #4 on July 12, 2008

Among my most recent purchases are 4 pretty little compacts from Etude called "Marbleade".

As I wrote in my earlier posts I am really a sucker for all those pretty baked blushes, eyeshadows, powders and highlighters so I couldn't resist those cute Etude items when I saw them in one of my favorite online stores (I paid US$19.99/each incl. shipping).

The Marbleade blushes come in simple round compacts with a clear top. They don't come with brushes but that's fine with me as I never use those little useless brushes anyway.

There are 4 pretty marbled colors available, 2 blushes and 2 highlighters. The powders leave a fine iridescent shimmer on my skin which looks really good as it's free of glitter bits.

The powder texture is not really silky, rather the typical slightly rough texture some baked items have. But my brush picks up enough of the Marbleade blushes to give a flush of color/iridescent highlights.

The colors are
#1 Pink: A pretty rather cool pink but with golden flecks which warms the color up a bit.

#2 Orange: This is a gorgeous light orangey gold that's quite wearable and pretty

#3 Highlighter: Consists of different pastel colors like pink, green, purple. The colors mix into a pretty iridescent pinkish white on my skin.

#4 Highlighter: While #3 is cooler/silvery #4 leaves a soft golden pink shimmer.

I think these probably retail for somewhere around US$10 or so and they're quite worth picking them up if you have the chance to!

PS The blushes are by Etude (not Etude House), but I can't seem to add Etude to the labels, it always changes it to Etude House =X


dawn. said...

Hey.. For these rounded marble-like highlighters/blushes, is there a specific name for them? ^^

makeupmag said...

I love #3; it reminds me of my HG Lightscapade! I wonder if Etude has stand-alone stores in Korea...

makeupmag said...

Hi Kathi! I sent you an email regarding putting the tag for 'etude'; I'm not sure if you received it. Anyway, I bought #3, thanks to your post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, about the Etude hightlighting blush (Marbleade), just wondering if someone could tell me whether no. 3 (the more silvery white) or no. 4 (more pinkish gold) is more suitable for Asian skintone (my skin is not tanned, instead just ivory, actually may I say, more or less like the skin color of most Korean skin models - fair). Your advice will be very appreciated.

michelle said...

any idea where i can buy these ? here in the us ?

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