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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jill Stuart Summer 2008: Seductive Eyes quad in 05 Gemmy Diva

I actually thought of passing this palette up but finally gave in and ordered it.
I am quite a fan of Jill Stuart's Seductive Eyes range but they are quite repetitive with a pink/purple and dark brown, taupe or gray shade in every single palette (I love those kind of combinations but honestly wouldn't have needed to get 4 similar palettes =X Call me a sucker for JS!).
Why can't the guys just come up with a jewel toned green palette or other exciting color combos?

Anyways, here is my newest addition to the collection: Seductive Eyes in 05 Gemmy Diva which is an LE release for Summer 2008.
Last year's summer baby was Brilliance Eyes in 05 Mauve Pearl which is a more exciting and fresh mix of white, blue, fig and black.

Still the Diva quad is a pretty combination of beige (the glitter shade on the very left), a satin yellow cream and the obligatory purply-pink and dark charcoal colors.

JS palettes retail for 5250 Yen for 4.4 grams of eyeshadow in the most gorgeous palette cases.

If you already have 1 or 2 of the Seductive Eyes quads you can safely skip this but it's a pretty quad nonetheless and since it's Limited Edition it's even more alluring.

Here are pics of the other palettes and click here for my review.

01 Seductive Doll:

03 Twinkle Venus and 04 Sensual Fairy:


SeReNe~ said...

Hey Kathi,

Very tempting post once again. =X I adore JS palettes but just cannot bring myself to splurge on them.=/ I do agree with you on the repetitive color combinations they come up with BUT that is exactly why I love them! =D I have a major weakness for purples and pinks with browns. It's just so very pretty!

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and the new lemming. =S


Kathi said...

Hey Serene,
unfortunately I am a sucker for purple/pink and brown/taupe/gray combos, too... that's why I ended up with 4 similar quads lol! The only quad that's different is the brown one but it looks almost exactly like the Amber Glaze quad from the Brilliance Eyes range so I skipped it as I am not so into those warm browns. Otherwise I have all JS quads ever released =X The 2 from previous fall are among my faves, especially the smoky goodness of Glazed Garnet!
I know that at some point you'll give in your lemming and get a quad =P said...

Hi Kathi

I also have Gemmy Diva (well, mine is on the way). I don't know why i bought it - LE I guess, cos at a glance it doesn't take my breath away. Sigh...the addictions of a beauty junkie.

Anonymous said...

where do you order the eyeshadow????

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