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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brand Review I: Lavshuca

Lavshuca is a quite new brands, just debuted in spring 2006 and is produced by Kanebo in Japan. I see it as Kanebo's direct competitor to Shiseido's Majolica Majorca range and I have to admit that recently I prefer Lavshuca over MM since they just keep releasing better new products.

When the brand first launched they had a small and not so impressive assortment of items, especially their variety of eyeshadows left a lot to desire. There were just singles in some pretty but also some ugly colors (and no single green color!) and I am not so much a fan of singles as I prefer pretty pre-made palettes.

Currently the spokesmodels are the girls from Puffy, before it was that odd pouty model Juliana.. I am very happy they replaced her :P

The first release also included mascaras, liners, lip gloss liners (I cracked up when I got some of the first batch released labeled as "Lip GRoss liners" haha!), some glosses, primers, powders and blushes. There are also nail polishes but they're not that pretty (mostly glittery sheer shades, yuck!)

The first items all came in girly pink packaging. Pretty but a bit simple.

Most of the recent releases come now in pretty dark purple and silver packaging with elegant prints and patterns and I have to say that's an improvement.

Some of Lavshuca's items include:


The first really impressive items are the Spring 2007 Eye Color Select quads. Finally eyeshadow palettes!

For fall 2007 a new series of palettes, called Grade Color Select were added to the line-up. (This range included the first and so far only green eyeshadow palette!)

The xmas 2007 palettes called Winter Make Collection (01 and 02) are great palettes with 3 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick and 1 gloss. I think the brown one is still on adambeauty and both can still be found on ebay.

Spring 2008 saw the following new trios: Noble On Color Eyes.

The current LE palettes for summer are Summer Gradually Compact in 01 and 02. So worth checking out!

If you're interested in single eyeshadows, click here: Eye Color Select


Lipsticks & Lip Glosses:

The original lipsticks

The first range of Liquid Lips (Rouge: pigmented glosses and Gloss: sheer glosses.)

The not so impressive Color Conc Rouge which came out for fall 2007.

My current favorite range of their lipsticks is the Rouge Essence Bar. If a lipstick deserves the description "buttery" then it's this!

Their newer small glosses called Liquid Rouge are pretty good. There's also the Jewel Lips series of mini lipsticks but I find them too dry and the lipsticks have the tendency to break at the base.

There are also the pretty Gloss Sticks, sparkly sheer glosses in twist-click pens. You can see 3 on the pic above.


Other pretty items:

Check out the pretty new Cheek Colors!

The first batch of Cheek Colors has been discontinued already =(

The Slim Line Liner is a good fine liquid liner similar to Kate Supersharp!

I have not been impressed with the Liquid liners, mascaras, face powders (the dual-color kind), UV primer, nail colors, Color Conc Rouge, Jewel lips and may be some other items but overall the brand is great and offers the cutest items at good prices. Items range from about US$7-21.

The top pic shows my complete current collection of Lavshuca items. As you see there are some items in my reviews not shown in the pic. I am someone who quickly gets rid of things that don't work for me so my stash pics will mostly not resemble all items I purchased.

Working on the following posts:
-Brand Review II: Majolica Majorca
-Gone but not forgotten: In Loving Memory of Inoui ID =D


SeReNe~ said...

Kathi Kathi! =)

I never did buy any Lavshuca for fear of getting addicted to the brand! Now you making me regret my decision.I should have hauled! They are just so girlie & pretty. I enjoyed this post thoroughly. TY! **hugzZZ**


Sonia said...

I love Lavshuca, specially the foundation! I have now bought both Summer eyeshadows and I like them very much

Felicia said...

Which one do you think is a better blush (in terms of pigmented or lasting power): Lavshuca or Kate?

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