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Saturday, June 21, 2008

VOV Aura Glam Eyes

While I have to say I was really disappointed with the newest palettes from the VOV Castledew range I have to admit that their new Aura Glam Eyes are truly pretty eyeshadows!

These are the baked-type eyeshadows I really dig and come in 8 lovely color trios out of which I picked 2.
The texture is really silky and there is a good amount of pigment in these babies. The finish is a very gorgeous metallic shine.

Aura Glam Eyes come in small simple round compacts with clear flip-tops. A slightly more glam packaging wouldn't have hurt but it's pretty basic and convenient this way.

Out of the 8 color 2 caught my eye right away so I purchased those.
07 Pink Muse Aura: Gorgeous combination of dark charcoal gray, light peach and medium peachy orange.

08 Purple Muse Aura: Blue-toned purple, silvery white and warmer lilac. Even though this is a pastel palette the color show up nicely.

I am not sure about their retail price, probably below US$15.
If anyone know the exact RRP please leave a comment and I'll update.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Why were you disappointed by VOV Castledew eye shadows? I remember you wrote that you liked them... I hope new Aura shadows will appear here in Russia soon :) I definitely want to try them!

dawn. said...

I've got a question for you!
Would you prefer Lavshuca or Kate's lipstick? And why??

Kathi said...

I reviewed 2 different kinds of Castledew palettes namely the Color Shot Eyes quads and the new Shirring Eyes quints. While the color shot shadows are really nice I was highly disappointed with the Shirring Eyes. There are reviews for both those palettes so please go and read yourself.

The Rouge Essence Bar and Rouge Trance S lipsticks are quite similar texture-wise. If I had to choose I'd go for the Lavshuca's as they're so buttery soft and the packaging is prettier =)

dawn. said...

Icic... Cuz I ask you previously for your favourite lipstick and you said Kate! ^^ LOL...
So I guess I should go with Lavshuca yeah? ^^

Kathi said...

You know that my fave lippy can change daily =P I said that they're both similar so they're both great. If I had to choose Lavshuca is pretties so I might pick that. Thankfully I am not in the situation that I have to choose as I have both

dawn. said...

You just inspired me to just get both and try them out myself!


dawn. said...

oh btw,
For these rounded marble-like highlighters/blushes, is there a specific name for them? ^^

[I've asked on the 1st 'highlighter' post, you might have missed it. (:

Kathi said...

You mean in general? I usually refer to them as baked blushes as they're baked on a small terracotta pan =D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, after written my comment I went and found your review of castldew eyeshadows :)

DeeDee19 said...

where can you buy these VOV Aura eyeshadows? I live in USA.

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