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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skin Food Cocoa Whip Body Wash

I cannot resist chocolate. And now that I am trying to lose weight I shifted to sniffing it instead of eating it. =P
Skin Food Cocoa Whip Body Wash comes in a pretty bottle that reminds me of a chocolate sauce bottle from the supermarket.

There are 2 layers that mix together so you need to shake the bottle before use.
The only thing that bugs me a little is that the body wash is liquid! Yes, freaking liquid like water!

Away from that it's gorgeous! It lathers up nicely and makes my skin super soft. It smells divine like chocolate and the scent lingers for some time.
This could be the perfect chocolate body wash if it were a gel and not a liquid!

Anyway, I enjoy using it and would buy another bottle. I won't mind if they reformulate it a bit to make it thicker though!

The bottle contains 260ml and costs roughly 9000 Won (about US$9) but I paid more on ebay.


Hikaru said...

I love to read your reviews ^-^
Thank you for write them~!!! \^0^/


Kathi said...

you're welcome =D
Writing reviews is such fun! It makes buying and using items even more enjoyable =D

dawn. said...

HEY! ^^ Realize you've tried alot of kind of sheet mask. Which is your favourite one till now?
I notice there is one with the strawberries on it? what is the brand btw?

Kathi said...

I got a lot of sheet masks but didn't try out so many so far.
I love my CL Raspberry Collagen Brightening masks (those got me hooked on sheet masks). The Skin Food Soothing Cucumber are also fantastic for hot weather.
I'll review more sheet masks when I try more out.
The one with the strawberries that looks like a bottle is from VOV Daily Masks range.

dawn. said...

Thanks! Where did you get it online btw?? The VOV mask (:

Kathi said...

ebay, seller ipinkorea

Unknown said...

I see you're a Skin Food fan!! Or perhaps you're trying out almost all their products. If you love chocolate, if I'm not wrong, there is a product line in Skin Food called White Chocolate...

Kathi said...

I tried the Skin Food White Chocolate Firming sheet mask but I think it gave me some minor irritation

Hikaru said...

I bought items from ipinkorea too~!!!! He's one of the few ebayers that sends a lot of freebies/samples when you purchase from him ^-^


PD: I'll wait for your Sheet Masks' review~!!!!! \^O^/

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