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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Etude House Peach Collection: Addition Part 3 =)

And again my Etude House Peach collection is growing. I just can't resist those cute items, it's really sick!

Here are the other 2 addition parts I posted:
Part 1
Part 2

Anyways, I got the following 3 items:

-Pore Erasing Peach Base in #2 Mint:
This is the same stuff I reviewed in my original Etude House Peach Collection post. Just this comes in a light grayish green color. It's a good base just like the peach version of this but the color cast it leaves on my skin is a sick looking very pale gray-green (as opposed to a peachy white of the peach colored base).
That's not problem at all though as BB cream or foundation covers that well. It's a good base that smooths my skin out nicely.

-Tear Drop Lash:
Hmmmmm...I don't know exactly why I ended up ordering it. It's a gimmicky girly product that seems to be somewhat useless. Why would I want my lashes to look as if I just cried or something?
This is a sticky gel that you just distribute to the tips of your lashes so it looks like little water drops. The stuff actually works and placing 1 or 2 little clear beads looks nice but don't overdo or it will be a big gluey mess.
All in all I'd rank this as a useless product for me personally though lol.

-Nail Color #37:
I wasn't fond of the first nail polish I got (#40) but this is quite pretty. It's a peachy pink with some blue iridescent small glitter bits giving it an interesting finish. It's rather sheer.
I generally prefer strong red, black or wine nails but this is a refreshing change.


Wombat said...

p.s. have u seen this? new BB mousse, I think it's Etude house as well.

Kathi said...

Yep, saw it. But I am afraid that mousse might be too drying.. Still looks interesting!

- Angie - said...

Erm... hope you don't mind answering my qns.. that may be a bit stupid.
(slap me after answering my qns then. >.<)
Here goes, Do you put on the peach skin pact before putting on foundation,? Or the other way round. Or don't put on anything after that..

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