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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My daily staples =)

I got asked if I use any daily staples as I have so much makeup...

Yes, I do have several daily staples (though currently I use more BB Creams than the 2 foundations listed):

-Maquillage Moisture Climax Foundation (winter) - on my 3rd bottle now
-Maquillage Lasting Climax Foundation (summer) - on my 2nd bottle now
-Majolica Majorca Pressed Fantasia 24h Powder (to set my eye concealer) - I used up at least 4 refills of this in the previous 2 years
-Banila Co Eye Love Primer - got this just 2 months ago and the lighter color has already quite a dent
-Inoui ID Concealer Duo in the lightest shade - most of the light color is finished, have 1 back-up
-Maquillage Eyebrow Powder compact - hit pan just a week ago (I use other brow powders, too, but none as much as this)
-Kate Supersharp Eyeliner in BK - used at least 4 pencils up. I use this with most other liners as only this one allows me to line super close to my lash-line. I have other similar pencils but this is still my fave
-Maquillage Lip Refiner or Lip Essence - my Lip Refiner is almost finished, the 2nd tube of Lip Essence is mostly empty now, too
-T'estimo Eye Bright Base - got the tube 2 years ago and it's nearly finished now

There are a few other items I use quite often like my RMK Eyebrow mascara in mocha, Canmake Brow gel, Etude Browfix etc.

I don't have any staples in color cosmetics as I have so much I change daily.


melanie said...

I have often wondered when browsing Ichibankao what the Maquillage Lip Refiner and Lip Essence are/do. Can you fill me in? thanks in advance!

Kathi said...

They're lip bases meant to be used before lipstick or gloss. The Lip Essence is like a wand-style gloss though so it also looks very pretty when worn on its own as it has a very slight pink tint

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