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Monday, July 28, 2008

Shu Uemura Fleur de Source palette & Eau de Toilette

Hmmmm...yea. I had decided to skip the Shu Uemura Fleur de Source palette as it's so bright I might not wear it that often.

But being thrilled with the great quality of the Fleur de Rose palette I finally caved and got the Fleur de Source palette.
And I found the Fleur de Source Eau de Toilette on eBay for a good price so I decided to give a try to this, too.

Both items are Limited Edition for the 25th Boutique Birthday.

Fleur de Source Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50ml:

The website says: "Pure, serene and refreshing cool feeling in a 100% natural origin fragrance with a floral spicy note. Watery papyrus and Egyptian basil essential oils evoke cool beauty."
I think it's a really woody scent that has a refreshing note when first spraying on. It dries to a soft spicy herbal scent on me. It's not heavy or strong scent and I wish it'd last a bit longer as about 2 hours after application I can hardly smell it.
Comes in a heavy very simple glass bottle with a blue circle printed on.
Retails for US$85, I paid about US$58 incl. shipping

Fleur de Source Pressed Eyeshadow/Highlighter for Eyes 8.7g:

As I noted above I had no intention getting this as I wasn't sure how the pigment and quality would be (in my experience the pre-made palettes are below mediocre). I was attracted by the colors but I haven't been so much into brights lately so I settled for the Fleur de Rose palette instead as it seemed more versatile.

Anyway after trying the rose palette and seeing swatches posted by several people I had to get the Fleur de Source palette for myself.
It's indeed a very gorgeous palette and perfect for the Spring and Summer months.
The shadows come in a gorgeous white metal case with a blue circle. Very pretty and sturdy!
All shades are metallic/very pearly and show up really well except the first khaki shade which is a bit sheerer but still a gorgeous metallic shade.
As there are 7 colors in the palette you have endless possibilities how to wear it.
The colors are: Soft khaki, muted seafoam blue, warm reddish brown, lime green, champagne, bright aqua and soft sky blue.

Retail is U$65, this is approximately what I paid.


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