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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lioele New Premium Package

When I saw the Lioele New Premium Package I was so excited I had to right away find a source to get my hands on it. I found a seller who CPed it for me and after a short visit to Australia my package arrived today!

You should check out the Lioele website. It's pink Korean goodness! They have cute real photo comic stories even a non-Korean speaker can understand and a lot of helpful pics and videos to demonstrate their products.

Anyway, the package rocks! I have just played a little with the items but so far so good! I love getting kits as they usually contain a good assortment of best-sellers and so it was the perfect opportunity to get into a brand of which I haven't tried anything before.

The items in the kit are:
-Silky Highlighter BB Touch
This is a huge stick with a button to push the Silky Highlighter BB Cream out onto the brush. The brush is a synthetic flat foundation brush. All in all this looks like a freaking oversized Touche Eclat or so.
The Silky Highlighter that comes out is a light slightly shiny beige rather thick cream. I tried it with the brush but honestly preferred to even it out with my fingers. This can be used all over the face or only in the T-zone.

-Beyond The Solution BB Cream
This is a BB Cream that comes in a hygienic squeeze-tube with pump. The tube has a cute white and pink design and the BB cream is light so it's an ok color match for my NW15 skin-tone (I tried it out and still Skin79 and Missha M Perfect Cover are the best color matches). I think it would blend in best for most skin-types from light-medium.
This has a very fine silky texture and gives a dewy finish.

-Marbling Blusher 01
This is a pretty highlighter with a shimmery glow. It's not very pigmented and the powder is very hard but it works as a highlighter. It doesn't have too much of obvious shimmer which is a good thing, too.

-Magic Styling Mascara
I tried this out now and it's a great mascara. The base and mascar work together well to give volume and length. It's a dual-wand mascara with base on the one and black mascara on the other side. The base comes with a regular spiral brush whereas the mascara has a comb applicator (my preferred type of applicators)

-Blooming Tint
This is a pretty raspberry lip tint with medium pigment. Looks quite pretty and the website suggest pairing this with the included gloss

-Blooming Gloss
A light pearl pink gloss. Comes in the usual doe-foot style wand.

-Blooming Liptox
This is a pretty lip plumper that smells like peppermint. It's a pretty iridescent sheer golden coral and has a convenient spatula applicator.
This leaves a tingly feeling on my lips and I am not sure yet if I like that or not.

I haven't really used the items yet so I'll review later on how much I like the individual items.

All items are lightly scented.

I paid around US$64 for my kit (retail is just below US$50) and supposedly the kit has a value of US$137 (approx.) if you calculate the individual item prices.


Taryn said...

Did Sweet Violet's gift shop from ebay CP it for you? She is such a nice person. She CP'd me some of the new Etude Aqua Sherbet line.

The BB balm looks like it would be a match for my ghostly complexion and I'd really like to try it.

Kathi said...

Nope, I got it from skinfood2you. I also purchased the entire Etude Aqua sherbet line at 30% off from her. She did an Innisfree CP and the package hopefully arrives by early next week =D

I am super pale and the BB cream works. Actually most of the ones I purchased work for fair skin-tones, especially when there is a lighter and a darker version to buy. said...

This kit is amazing, what a find!

I was wondering, did you get to choose any of the shades, esp for the BB cream and the blush or do you get set colours?


Kathi said...

I am not sure if you can pick colors. The website shows 2 different Liptox and 2 different marble blushes but it might be just the pic they took from the actual item descriptions so both are pictured. The big pic of the kit only shows the color combination I got with the coral liptox and the highlighting marbling blusher.

melanie said...

I've got kind of a backwards questions for you. I know you have tried several BB creams. I also read that you are dry/sensitive. However, I am the opposite - oily and sensitive. I read somewhere that Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream was the best for oily skin. So... strangely, of all the BB creams you have tried, which is the most drying?

Thanks in advance!

Kathi said...

The least oily BB cream to me is the Missha M Watery one. Also Lioele is supposedly very low in oils and it feels lighter than e.g. Missha M Perfect cover.
I also find Skin79 Gold Label to be rather light but more moisturizing than the Missha M Watery BB Cream

melanie said...

Thanks so much. That does help. There are just so many to choose from!

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