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Friday, July 18, 2008

Kose Visee Fall 2008: Glamorous Hunter

I had time to test-drive the new Visee fall collection (Glamorous Hunter) over the past days so here are my first thoughts on the items.

The heart of the collection (released on 1st of July) are definitely the new Glam Hunt Eyes palettes so I'll start my review with them.

Glam Hunt Eyes:

There are 5 color variations of the quints available so most people will find a palette they like.
The case is a pretty silver and white case with zebra stripes embossed in the silver part. The palettes are a bit larger than Kate but contain just 3.5g. Each palette comes with 3 gradational colors and 2 highlighters. The highlighter on the top of the palette is for using under the brows and the highlighter on the bottom is for the inner corner of the eyes.

The texture of the shadows is quite silky and soft but they're quite sheer. I can create a soft smoky gradation look with them but I wouldn't mind a bit more pigment, especially in the liner shade.
Overall these are still pretty good palettes and give a very sparkly and shimmery finish.
I picked out 3 colors. I skipped the green palette even though it looks pretty but I have learned that those kind of greens don't flatter my complexion.
G2: A combination of neutral browns and creams

G4: An array of roses. The darkest color should be more pigmented as it turns a maroon on me. This is my least fave.

G5: Interesting combination of cool purple, a taupey khaki, gray and whites.

Nudish Rouge:

The Nudish Rouges come in pretty thick twist-up gloss tubes just like Maquillage's Neo Climax Lips. The colors seem to be all on the nude-beige end of the color spectrum and the pigment is sheer-medium at most.
I love nudes and I found the perfect pink beige in the color BE873. The texture of the Nudish Rouge is light but they have the tendency to apply streaky so I have to smooth the color out with my finger. The final result is pretty though so it's worth the extra step.
BE873: Beautiful pink-beige with shimmer (top)
PK871: Warm sheer pink with fine shimmer (bottom)

Liquid Eyeliner N:

This is a super slim felt-pen style pencil like Kate Super Sharp or Lavshuca Slim Liner (and I have about 5 more similar liners).
It's a good liquid liner which allows me to draw a very precise thin line right into the lashline.
There is brown and black available. I decided on black.

Cream Eyeliner WP:

Visee was finally jumping on the bandwagon and released its own version of cream liners. It's more a gel liner as it dries down to an absolutely budge-proof finish and doesn't smudge.
I like the creamy very well pigmented texture of this and the included brush is very useful.

There are only 2 colors (brown and black) which is a bit boring in my opinion. I hope we'll see more colors soon!
Visee's sister brand Esprique Precious has great gel liners, too, and they come in some really pretty colors.
I got both colors.

Pencil Eyeliner N:

This is a pretty basic pencil liner with a smudger on one end. It's a slim pencil and very good to use on my lower lash line. I generally prefer gels, creams or liquids to line my upper lids though.
Comes in black and brown only. I got black.

Powder Eyebrow:

I have quite an assortment of brow powders but I wanted to give a try to the new one from Visee. It has 3 colors from very light to dark and has good pigment to give great definition to my eyebrows. I always fill in my brows as I think that it just completes my makeup.
The lightest shade in Japanese eyebrow powders is mostly supposed to be used to shade the inner parts of the eyes a bit but I personally only use the darker colors.
BR300: This has darker and cooler browns whereas BR301 seems to have lighter warmer more golden browns.

I paid retail for all items + shipping.
Retail prices are from 840 Yen (for the pencil) up to 2100 Yen (for the Nudish Rouge). The Glam Hunt Eyes retail for 1890 so they're cheaper than their previous Jewel Crush Eyes.

Overall this is a pretty good fall collection and it's definitely worth to pick up a few items.


Anonymous said...

koda kumi looks great on the ads <3 i wanna pick one of the eye palettes up soon :)))

Anonymous said...

Can you pick on the colors on your lips so I can see it in true form? The Visee nudish rouge

Thank you

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