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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hanskin BB One Step Cleanser and Facial Natural Green Tea Cooling Pack

So far the only product I tried from Korean brand Hanskin was their Super Magic BB Cream SPF30 PA++ which is a fine BB Cream but not my fave so far.

Along with my latest purchase I received 2 Hanskin items as extras from the seller:
BB One Stop Cleanser and Facial Natural Green Tea Cooling Pack.

BB One Stop Cleanser:
The box says that this is the only step needed to cleanse the face and that this contains herbal extracts.
It's a pleasant slightly foaming gel with a soft gentle scent and leaves my skin clean without leaving it feeling tight.
However I have to say that one stop doesn't do all. This doesn't quite remove my makeup and leave my face clean so the usual step of Cleansing Oil and the BB One Step Cleanser afterwards is needed.
This contains about 40ml and I am not sure if this is full-size.
Comes in a practical hygienic pump bottle.

Facial Natural Green Tea Cooling Pack:
This is a cooling face mask with Green Tea and other plant extracts. It's an amber-colored thick gel with small pieces of tea leaves.
Just apply this to your face and let it work for 15-20 mins. The mask dries to a slightly sticky layer but feels really cooling for the first minutes and I haven't experienced any irritation from this.
I have to say my skin doesn't feel super soft and moisturized after the mask but refreshed and toned so it's a nice little mask for the summer.
The green squeeze tube contains 40ml.


^^ said...

i just ordered from gmarket hanskin last week, the O2 peeling gel, O2 Powder wash and O2 cleansing oil.
Sadly to tell after my last order, this time i wanted to order the checkbox for local shipping is ticked! my Gosh... fail to get the products very sad...
You have any place to recommend taking the stock? But I can't afford too expensive price o...
the O2 peeling gel quite nice, after massage those dirt peels out, then the face is like peeling off outest layer of skin hahaha... different feeling from those i had last time...

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