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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First venture into Isa Knox

And here I'll present you just another brand that's very new to me.

Someone told me that Isa Knox is supposedly a good brand but the makeup selection seems to be rather small so probably the brand is focusing on high-quality skin-care.

I found some lipsticks and other items but the items that caught my attention were the 3 eyeshadow palettes and the blush/highlighter duo.

I settled on the LUXIAN Natural Eye Shadow quad in BE310 and the LUXIAN Duo Lighter in #1 (the only available color).

Both items come in shiny light mint cases that look quite pretty and different from the black/gold/silver cases many brands tend to use.
The compacts don't look that luxurious in my opinion but still pretty and simple.
Inside the mirrored cases the powders are covered with a plastic flip-top which is more or less standard in many Korean brands. It's a very good and hygienic invention.

LUXIAN Natural Eye Shadow BE310:

This contains "Natural Pure Powder" and "Color Focus Pigment". Whatever that stuff is the eyeshadow palette is nice. It's not the most exciting and outstanding quad I tried but offers a good solid neutral look with good pigment in the darker shades and a sheerer finish in the lighter shades. The finish is a soft shimmery look without obvious glitter so it's a good neutral quad to use in more conservative environment.
I'd say this makes a really good daily makeup palette to use for work as the colors are muted and soft.
The texture is slightly crumbly but the shadow fall-out is minimal.
The colors are white, light beige peach, a slightly heather-undertoned brown and a dark neutral chocolate without red undertones.
I paid about US$29 for my palette.

LUXIAN Duo-Lighter:

This is a quite convenient and pretty item. There is a gorgeous metallic neutral pink blush with fantastic pigment (it's so strong I need to shake the crap out of my blush brush not to look overdone) and a very soft pale pastel highlighter consisting of stripes of pink, white, yellow and blue. The highlighter just gives the slightest pearl finish and is quite sheer/translucent.
The super pigmented blush has a very odd very crumbly texture when I touch it but a very fine feel when used with a brush (and there are almost no crumbles forming with the brush).
This is a great item for traveling as a universally flattering pink and a highlighter are housed in the same case.
I paid around US$27 for my Duo-Lighter.

I don't see a lot of other items that look interesting for me. Maybe the purple eyeshadow quad (and there is a pink one, too).
If I ever stumble across any of their lippies discounted on ebay I'd definitely give a try to them, too!


Anonymous said...

where did you purchase this eyeshadow quad from?

Kathi said...

From my CPer.
You can find it on gmarket

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