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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First venture into Beauty Credit

Beauty Credit is a very affordable Korean brand with some really beautiful items (their logo is a rocking horse! How cute!). I had never heard of this brand before until recently and when I went to their website I decided to get a few items to give this brand a try.

I have to say that the things I got are really great quality for the low prices and come in very cute packaging, too.

I got an eye cream, concealer, foundation, 2 marbled baked blushes (yep, always those marbled things =P) and a regular pressed blush.

-Acerola White Eye Cream:

I have to admit that I mainly chose this eye cream out of Beauty Credit's selection due to the cute tube and the cheap price.
This comes in a white squeeze tube with pump dispenser which is a great way of packaging in my opinion (many BB creams use this style of tubes). There are Acerola fruits printed on the tube. Really cute!

But the cream is excellent, too! It's supposed to whiten due to the high content of Vitamin C found in the Acerola fruits. I don't know if it really whitens but that wasn't what I was looking for anyway. I wanted a good eye cream that's not too heavy to smooth the the area around my eyes to make makeup application easier. I always use eye cream as for me it's a vital step for even makeup.
The Acerola White Cream really makes the skin around my eyes very soft and smooth and makes a great base for eye concealer, eyeshadows etc.
The tube contains a whopping 30ml of products! That's about double the size most eye creams come in! What a steal as it retails for only 14800 won (around US$15).

-Lovely Q10 Foundation Moist SPF25:

I picked this as it comes in a very pale color (#13) and I haven't tried many Korean foundations yet so for 7800 Won (about US$8, I paid however US$14) it seemed to be a good inexpensive pick so it wouldn't be much of a problem if the color doesn't match.
I have to say #13 is a great pale shade that works very well for my fair complexion. The coverage is medium I'd say and even application is a breeze. The finish isn't dead matte but not really dewy or shiny either.

It's not a heavy foundation but it's definitely moisturizing and making my skin feel very soft and smooth.
Overall I am very happy with this as it's a good basic foundation that comes in a cute hygienic pump-bottle.
There is also a matte version of this available if you're oilier or prefer a matte finish.
Contains 40ml.

-Lovely Whitening Concealer:

It's been a while since I purchased my last liquid concealer in a squeeze tube. It seems most concealer come either in stick form or in a lipgloss-style wand tube.
It's a quite thick concealer with really good pigment that covers really well so a good color match is needed.
I am happy to report that the lighter color (there are 2 to choose from) is a nearly perfect match for me. It covers well and doesn't cake up on rough patches of my skin.
Really great stuff I have to say!

The squeeze tube contains 15g and costs only 6000 Won (a bit over US$6). I believe this will last very long as it's so pigmented and 15g are a generous amount!

-Lovely Oven Blusher:

This was the first item that attracted me as I am really loving baked marbled blushes and eyeshadows. I just think that baked blushes give a gorgeous slightly metallic but not overly glow to my cheeks most normal pressed blushes can't achieve.
The Lovely Oven Blushers come in round black compacts with silver flowers on top that change to rainbow colors when the light hits (more or less like a CD).

Like many baked products these are on the harder side but still give good pigment so 2 swipes on each cheek is enough for a soft glowing flush of color.
What I really like about the Beauty Credit Lovely Oven Blushers is that the brush rests on a little clear plastic cover on top of the blush that flips open so it's not the typical flimsy plastic sleeve you just remove. So this is much more convenient than other baked blushes I have.

I got 2 colors:
02: a lovely peachy pink (not as rose as it looks in the pan)

03: a soft muted orange that's not too loud or bright

Contains 12g, RRP is 13800 Won

-Lovely Cheek Color Mix:

The last item I got is another beautiful blush. The color is a mix of various dots in pink and white (I got color PK01 Pink Mix). The texture is rather rough but the blush shows up as a beautiful pale pink. This might be too pale for darker skin tones but perhaps could be used as a highlighter.

I love the cute satiny white case, too!
I can't see the weight of this listed. RRP is 7500 Won.

Overall I am very satisfied with the items I got and you can bet that this is not the last lot of Beauty Credit items I purchased.
The only thing this brand is lacking is a nice style of eyeshadow palettes or something. They have singles but I wasn't that attracted so skipped them.


birkinbagbeauty said...

This sounds like an awesome brand. Did you buy it on the Gmarket or at your favourite ebay-store?

Kathi said...

from my ebay seller but I see it on Gmarket for cheaper

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