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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finally arrived.... a package took a long trip :P

One thing that happens quite often is that mail addressed to here (Austria) is routed guess? Right, Australia!
When my EMS was shipped from Seoul 8 days ago and I keyed in the tracking number on the tracking website I had to see to my dismay that the destination country was Australia!! Damn!

Contacted the seller, seller contacted PO. PO said they'll make it right. And still a day later I found that my package arrived in the Melbourne Customs office *big sigh*

Anyways, after 3 days the customs figured that this package was not supposed to be in Down Under so finally it was forwarded to Austria! YAY!

And today morning the postie rang! Yippie! Package here!
To make it even better I got another small package, too. Day saved!

In today's shipment was my first bunch of Lioele items.
I believe that Lioele is a mail-order-only brand in Korea (at least the seller told me she had to order online and then forward to me so all took a bit longer).
So far I must say that the items seem to be darn good stuff! And quite cheap, too (even with the mark-up!). I ended up paying less than €10/item incl. shipping which is ok considering what makeup costs here (and it's way less cute than the Korean stuff!)

Anyways, above is a pic of the haul, detailed reviews etc. will follow later as usual!


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