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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sofina Aube Summer 2008 collection

Aube releases fancy 2-in-1 products every year like their Mousse & Accent Eyes 2 years ago (cream shadows & eye pencils in 1 compact), Loose & Line Eyes last year (liquid liner and loose powder shadow in 1 stick) so this year they came up with Gel & Shine Eyes (gel shadow and loose powder in 1).

And every time the line-up consists basically of the same 6 pastel colors with slight variations.

Gel & Shine Eyes:

I initially had decided to skip the Gel & Shine Eyes but again got suckered in by the convenient easy look they promise.

Each pot comes with a gel shadow (it's really a soft gel texture) and a loose powder in the top of the cover (closed with a little ball in the signature metallic Aube color). The gel spreads nicely but there is a significant lack of pigment. I can barely tell there is color on my lids. The main problem I have with the gel shadow is that it creases like mad. It takes some minutes to dry after application so the eyes should stay closed. After that it will still crease so there is no color in my lid creases at all (as there is no pigment that might be not sooo obvious though) =(
The loose powder is alright, it's a glittery almost white color that works as a highlighter.
Overall I have to admit the Gel & Shine Eyes are a disappointment away from the golden color which looks really pretty and simple but still creases.
03 Purple: Light gray-toned purple gel & white loose powder

04 Gold: Light golden gel & very pale gold loose powder

05 Green: Light fresh green & very pale green loose powder

Dual Color Eyeliner:

Each liner comes with 2 colors matching with the Gel & Shine Eyes. I picked the 3 liners that go with my Gel & Shine Eyes to get the complete look.

The pencils are quite soft and easy to use. I find the lighter/brightening shimmery colors quite intense so they make pretty liners for the lower eyelids.

23: Dark purple/light purple (the dark side could have used more pigment honestly)
24: Warm brown and gold.
25: Dark green and light green.

Coil Comb Mascara:
This is a nice mascara with a comb-like applicator. It's not the most perfect mascara out there (like my MM Lash Enamel Glamour Neo) but it's pretty nice.
I got the black one

The items retail for 2940 Yen (mascara), 2625 Yen (eyeshadows) and 2100 Yen (liners).

All in all Aube has failed again like most of their items do in my opinion, maybe away from the lipsticks.


Pink Sith said...

Thank you for reviewing this. You just saved me some money and disappointment. It's a shame it didn't work. Do you know any product that gives a shiny almost wet look to the lid, but doesn't crease?

Kathi said...

Yes, the new Esprique Precious Glamorous Glossy Eyes in BR31 gives a glossy finish and once it's dry it doesn't budge at all

Beige Renegade said...

Thank you!! you saved me from buying this from ebay just now hehe

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