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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vidi Vici Glamluxe Lip Gloss

Vidi Vici by LeeKyungMin is one of the more luxurious and expensive Korean brands I haven't really gotten a lot of yet.
I purchased their Lucid Shimmer bronzer a year ago as it was a cheap eBay steal (and I had no idea how expensive it is as I got it for like 13 bucks or so) and quite like it and recently decided to get more of their stuff as I spotted their Glamluxe glosses on eBay for cheap so I decided to try out 3 of them.

The Glamluxe glosses come in quite small tubes with wand applicator.
They look very shimmery and glimmery and just delicious!

The texture of the glosses is very nice. A bit slick but on the thicker side and not sticky. They give a really wet-looking glossy finish with lots of shimmer particles. The fine glitter pieces manage not to look tacky or chunky as they're quite fine but they give more dimension to the finish of the gloss.

I find these last quite well but always feel comfortable on my lips as they're not tacky or sticky.

The pigment is quite sheer but I still can see a difference between the colors when on and one color is more pigmented and shows up quite well.

The glosses don't have numbers or names. I got mine unboxed so perhaps the box would indicate a color code or name.
On the website I see only 3 colors that could be the ones I purchased though so I am thinking my glosses are (from top to bottom):
04 Glam Mist: Light shimmery pink
05 Glam Rose: Medium pink with more pigment and blue micro-glitters
02 Glam Nude: Peachy nude with shimmer

The price I found online is 28000 Won/gloss (About US$29) so I scored a nice deal as I paid less than US$20/each.

FYI "Vidi. Vici." is Latin and means "I saw. I conquered.". This is a part of a famous message to the Roman Senate by Caius Iulius Caesar (or often spelled Gaius Julius Caesar) "Veni. Vidi. Vici" (I came. I saw. I concquered." after he defeated Pharnakes II of Pontus
in the Battle of Zela.

I would love to know how the guys came up with the name for this makeup brand!


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